Every woman has that favorite color they think they look best in. But are you aware that each color gives a different impression about you. Certain colors can boot your confidence, alter your mood, or add excitement to your day. Let’s find out on the basis of color you choose how people perceive about you.


The fashion industry no doubt simply loves black color because as it is very adaptable, classy and timeless. Black stands for power and authority. People perceive you as more competent if you are wearing this color.

However, too much of black will make you unapproachable. You can embellish it with some jewelry or different textures to take the edge off.


This is also another popular fashion color because it goes with absolutely everything. White indicates for cleanliness and innocence. As it is a positive color, white shows that you are simple and well-balanced person.

But there is a risk of appearing washed out so it is best to pair it with a bright or dark piece.


Blue is one of the most common clothing colors, apart black and white. It is a very peaceful color and research has shown that it causes the body to produce chemicals that have a calming effect.

It makes you and the people around you feel at ease and comfortable. Blue clothes stands for control, loyalty, and success. It is a great option for job interviews.


Nothing beats a little red dress when talking about sex appeal. Red stands for the color of romance and has been found to be the most attractive and arousing color for men.

Red implies that you are emotionally intense, be it very passionate or rather a little aggressive. People love being noticed who love wearing red!


This is a regal color which shows sophistication, luxury, and wealth. If you are looking out for some inspiration, wear purple as it draws out a person’s creative side.

It is a color people either love or hate. Wearing purple shows that you are very self assured and confident with yourself and your taste.


This fun color is very inviting and grabs attention. It makes you social, friendly, and enthusiastic. But, overdo of orange might make you look like a convict, but you can go for orange accessories such as shoes which will add a pop of enthusiasm to any outfit.


Green is the easiest color on the eyes and puts you and the people around you in a good and happy mood. It is a calming and pleasurable color because it is connected to nature and life.

On the other hand, dark green stands for wealth and traditionalism.


Like orange, yellow is a color of fun and joy. It shows that you are an interesting and active person. If you are feeling a little down, then try wearing yellow as it has mood-boosting properties.

It has been proven to enhance concentration, which is why it the main color of highlighters and legal notepads.


Brown is meant to be the color of the earth and nature. It indicates that you are genuine and reliable. Research has shown that the color brown actually promotes communication between people more than other colors.


Pink is another color of romance, but does not hold the same intensity as red. Instead, pink shows affectionate, soft, and feminine side. Pink implies that that the wearer understands, sympathetic, but sometimes may imply vulnerability also.