To find out the reason behind why we shut our eyes when we sneeze has been the core of science’s biggest secret but, not anymore. To get closer to discovering the answer, let’s find out what a sneeze is.


A sneeze is caused by the irritation of membranes in the nose because of pollen particles. So, when this particle has annoyed your membrane, a signal gets sent to the brain by the trigeminal nerve, which then triggers lots of other human activity like the chest expanding, the lungs filling up with air and finally you sneezing all over. Science mentions that a person sneezes around 5,000 droplets of mucus as well as air at the speed of 160kph.


Askiguru has discovered Why We Shut our Eyes When We Sneeze though why our eyes close during sneezing has no proven reason.


The assumed ones are-

1.Defense Theory
Many consider that our eyes close so as to prevent the microbe or irritants from entering our eyes. But it doesn't sound genuine as when we sneeze we force the particles away from our body. The speed being 100mph.


Why We Shut our Eyes When We Sneeze - Askiguru


2.Popping Out Theory
You might have thought that our eyes are shut so as to prevent them from coming out of the skull. But are our eyes so slackly bound to the skull? Well, of course not.

Why We Shut our Eyes When We Sneeze - Askiguru



3. The Most Reasonable Reason Seems To Be No Reason At All
Yeah, you read it right. It might be a spontaneous response with no real intention. It can be same as our legs kick out when we tap out knee. Many people experience other outcomes too while sneezing like urine leakages.

Why We Shut our Eyes When We Sneeze - Askiguru



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