Sugar is not good for us. As it can be truly difficult for most of us to leave out sugar, it may be helpful to understand why sugar is so bad for us in order to make better decisions in regards to our diets. 

Added sugar is also toxic. It has no nutritional value and lacks essential proteins, minerals, and vitamins. There are two types of sugars in the diet: naturally-occurring sugars and added sugars. Added sugar is one of the worst and most toxic ingredients. It can have adverse effects on our metabolism and contribute to the development of numerous serious health conditions and diseases. 

Following are some things to keep in mind while consuming sugar. 
1. Sugar makes your organs fat.
2.Sugar primes your body for diabetes.
3.Sugar hits your heart health.
4.Sugar creates tense blood vessels.
5.It leads to type 3 diabetes. 

This is the reason why sugar is toxic for you replace your normal sugar with healthy naturally occurring sugar. Even though, we know all of this it is really difficult to give up on sugar, especially for the ones who have sweet tooth then how can you help yourself from eating sugar. The answer is simple: Eat naturally occurring sugar, Here is what you do: Eat natural occurring sugar in them which is not harmful for your body.


One of the common ways you can substitute processed sugar with a natural sugar is by using jaggery in your food items. This traditional Indian sweetener is made of sugar cane and is a healthy replacement for sugar. 

Drink flavored water

Flavored Water
Drinking flavored water also helps in overcoming sugar needs or cravings.Add fruits like cucumber, watermelon, etc. and drink this infused water. This is also a good way to detoxify. This is because the natural flavors that you add to water satisfy your sweet tooth as they contain natural sugar. 


One more to satiate your sugar cravings is substituting it with honey. This is healthy and is also known for providing nutrition and medicinal properties. Honey contains vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which have various health gains.

Eat fresh fruits

Fresh Fruits
The natural sugar in fruits is the best way to overcome your sugar cravings. Moreover, fruits are rich in fibers and other nutrients and must be incorporated into our daily diet. Eating fresh fruits is the ideal remedy to overcome sweet cravings.


This superfood is delicious and keeps you full for a longer period of time. Adding them to your shakes or smoothies instead of sugar will also lessen your sweet cravings. They very healthy and are best sugar substitutes.

It can be challenging to completely cut sugar out of our daily diets, the least we can do is eat the minimum amount and opt for natural alternatives. If you are going to eat sugar, make sure it is the natural kind found in fruit.