All the Diet loving people, have you ever thought that eating salads can actually be a bad option? Especially, if you are trying to nourish your body. Whether you eat salad for weight-loss or whether you eat salad to maintain your weight there few things about Salad that you don’t know. A salad occupies precious crop acreage, requires fossil fuels to be shipped, refrigerated, around the world, and adds nothing but just a bit of crunch to the plate.

Its salad and here are main reasons why we need to rethink it.

Salad vegetables are very low in nutrition. 
Salad vegetables are low in nutrition than any other vegetables. If you decide to have a salad full of leafy based vegetables then you are losing on nutrients. There are people who basically live on salads and eat them thrice a day. It’s bad to only eat salad and satiating your hunger. You need to add other food items to your diet to balance it out. And if eating salad is working for your friend that does not mean it will work for you.
As everybody’s nutrition and body needs are different. 
You must have balanced amount of carbs, proteins, and fiber. 
While doing this if you have a salad as a side-dish or a fill-in snack then it is fine. But as whole 3 meals throughout the day are something you must avoid doing. Instead of just eating salads, eat fruits which are high in nutrients. 

Salad dieters are making not so good choices.
If you are on diet and trying to lose weight then Salads are a not so good choice. Salads are not a completely bad choice either but it all depends on what type of salad you are planning to eat? If it is a well-balanced salad then it is fine to have it. But on a well-balanced salad, you decide to add in dressing like ranch, thinking that you are already eating healthy and a spoon or two of ranch dressing will not be harmful then you are wrong. 
You must eat it without any fat-full dressing. 
The grilled chicken salad is fine but make sure your grilled chicken salad is freshly made at home and not stored for more than one day. If you keep it for a longer duration, it will start to accumulate fats if you eat it the next day. Make sure you cook small portions that could last you for a day and preferably try to make your salad at home.

Salads are bit over-hyped. 

The whole salad culture is bit over-hyped. It is not bad to eat salad. A bowl full of healthy homemade salad is a good option to have on hand. But it should be “Homemade”; a salad made in the restaurant is not as healthy as you think. They may not be fresh as well. And also avoid substituting it for a whole meal. 

It is just that eating salad every day is not required and necessary. Eat a balanced diet and add in some extra effort and commit to exercising. This will do all the work. 
Just eating salad will not help you to lose weight or maintain your weight. You must fill your tummy with all the needed nutrients, proteins, fibers, calcium and vitamins.

We are not telling you to stop eating salads, but make you whatever you choose to eat in the form of salad is the right thing for you and works for you. If you are not sure what to eat then there are nutritionists and dietitians who can help you choose the right thing that works best for you. 
Getting help from professionals can always be used, as their knowledge can guide you to nourish your body properly.