WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging app for smartphones. This is a cross-platform app that enables users to communicate with each other with the help of internet. In addition to text messaging, WhatsApp can also be used to share images, audio, and videos messages. People can share their Locations as well through the use of integrated mapping features.

WhatsApp is India's most preferred and used mobile messaging application. The youth are so addicted to it, but now it is now taking command over the older people too. Older people are now increasingly shifting from SMS to mobile messaging services such as wechat, hike, especially WhatsApp. One of the advantage of using whatsApp is that people doesn’t have to pay any money for the messages, unlimited messages can be shared free of cost, person has to pay only for the internet data charges. People can create several group and do chats, And the biggest advantage is the simplicity to share with groups, People can share files like images, videos and audios with large groups. Recently whatsApp has started to roll out its most ambitious and awaited update for android which supports voice calling feature. Now whatsApp users can make call using whatsApp for free.

Use of mobile messaging applications has increased around 113% year-over-year in 2014.People have started to see mobile messaging apps as a convenient way to communicate with others. Experts are assuming number of mobile messaging users to continue to grow in the coming days. More and more online Indian users have started now accessing the Internet via mobile, resulting in the increased popularity of mobile messaging apps, as its very efficient and people can use it on the go so its time saving as well. People don’t have to sit on desktop, they can use their mobile while travelling or in free time they get from their work.

One of the best features of whatsApp is that they do not show ads on whatsApp, ads are very frustrating on mobile screen. Such features of ad-free app, efficient and convenient chatting with individuals and groups makes whatsApp popular among people, in spite of tough competition in market.