They say clothes make a man.

Whether people admit it or not, everybody to some extent, are conscious about their looks. Everybody wants to look good. After a long thought we decide the clothes we wish to wear. A pair of shoes makes a huge difference to one's appearance. It is just not that, it also reveals a lot about your personality.

Let’s see what your favorite shoe says about you..


You don’t care what people think about you and whatsoever opinion they have about you. You do what you feel is correct. You don’t believe in stereotypes and choose to be in your comfort zone over everything else.


Being flashy is absolutely not in your league. You are just effortlessly graceful. You take your own sweet time to make own friends. But once you are friends, there is no going back for you. You are loyal towards everything you do and give your best shot.

Peep toes:

You believe in being simple. You are elegant and sophisticated.  You are an introvert but you can dazzle people when you open up to them.

Short shoes:

You are emotionally stable. You notice and appreciate the little things in life. You love nature. You can spend hours and hours of time being around in natural environment. You have a very caring nature. Your friends can trust you completely and rely on you.


You are approachable. You are not shy at all. You are open to new experiences in life. You plan a lot and there is a lot in your to-do list. You always ready for more.

Flip Flops:

You are very easy- going and friendly in nature. You value every relationship and especially friendship. You love summers the most out of all the seasons. You always want to keep everyone happy around you.


You do difficult things effortlessly. You are very cool and calm. You are also lazy at times. You are laid back but you absolutely know when you need to switch gears to be active.

Ballet flats:

You ooze warmth. You are a sweet person. But you stand for what according to you is right.


 You are an adventurous rebel. You don’t crib about the ups and downs of life you go through and stay happy without complaining.


You are a head strong person and zealous in everything you do. You follow your passion, your dream and your own rules. You simply do things your way without worrying about the consequences.

Converse shoes:

You like to be classy but by being at comfort too. It really doesn’t matter how old are you but you are always young at heart.

Black leather shoes:

You are an ambitious person. You have a big dream which you never stop chasing no matter even if you fail once you just don’t give up.