Sometimes nature can be mysterious and misleading. There and many things that are not known to people. There are things that lean on stranger side but are interesting enough to know why such things happen? 

Similarly, there has been citing of such an incident around the world which is something you must have never heard about.  This strange phenomenon referred as Fish Rains.

Many of us have heard about different types of rains like hailstorms, acid rains, etc. But there is one more type of rain and that is fish rains. It is weird and interesting at the same time. Why does it rain fish? What is the reason behind it? Have you ever heard or seen the fish rains? 

There are many mysteries in the world which are difficult to believe and decipher one of such mystery is raining fish. There is always a reason behind everything that happens and even in this case, there is a reason behind it.There is nothing supernatural or super-human about this. In fact, these fishes do not fall from heaven. These fishes fall from the sky are the ones who live in the oceans, seas, and lakes. But the question still remains that how the fishes make their way to the sky. 

Through this post, you will understand the reason behind sudden fish rains in different places of the world.

Many scientists have done a lot of research on this, according to which it has come to know that such incidents happen due to tornadic waterspouts. When a tornado crosses the sea or ocean, in such a situation gets of a severe storm. Fishes present on the surface of the water, or fishes near the sea, are dragged into a storm by strong winds. 

The tornado moves light things into the sky, the tornado is moving on the surface of the water and it pulls the light creatures in it. These creatures consisting of fishes mostly fly along with the tornado until the speed of wind decreases. When the speed of the wind decreases, this tornado releases everything that is baffled by it through rains and thus these fishes fall with rainwater. 

This process does not occur in one place. Tornadoes take time to slow down and stop, and by then it sets a distance of several kilometers. After that, it rains fishes or other things that get sucked into it.

According to Bill Evans's Meteorological Book 'It's Raining Fish and Spiders', such incidents are seen in about 40 times in many places of the world each year. 

It is not limited to only fishes. During the tornado or storm, light animals or creatures can get easily carried with the storm miles away and fall from the sky through the rain.

Sometimes nature can get a bit weird and do something you might have never thought about. But such things do happen often and are part of reality. 
Now next time if it rains fishes our locality you know why and how these fishes have traveled their way through.