Ever thought if you could solve that 4-page lengthy problem of that boring maths class in a matter of a second. Or why a computer can multitask so better but we humans, who created it, couldn’t. If you could formulate your own time machine had you got enough brains. Ever thought what would happen if you could use 100% of your brain? Well, if it happens, your body will get so disadvantaged of the fuel that run it, that it would lead to survival crisis!!


It's a fact that you actually use your whole brain over a period of time, but not at once. It's the survival instinct of our body which shuts down the part of the brain which is not relevant to received stimuli from the external environment to curb down the metabolism rate of the body.


So, if one day you get any drug (like CPH4 in the movie Lucy) and your 100 percent brain functions activates at a same period of time, your brain will need so much blood circulation that will worsen all other organs of the body. It would certainly need so much of energy to run at this extraordinary capacity, that your body require food all the time,and you will feel munchies. Isn't it?


So, it would be impossible for your body to deal with that brain. That's why, the evolution process of our body reaches to a certain point,we are living today, where you can use use any function of the brain but can't at same time.


Now let’s see What If Humans Used 100% Of Their Brains?

1.Holographic Event 

You can see every action of your life as a holographic event out of numerous possibilities that could happen on first place. You will figure out the small perturbations and their possible result with accuracy. Causal events forecasting can help you to see in future. You can act upon situation before it actually happen.

What If Humans Used 100% Of Their Brains - Askiguru


2.You Will Judge Less

You can see both the good and bad in the event at same time. So, you will become less judgemental.

What If Humans Used 100% Of Their Brains - Askiguru


3.Negative Emotions Will Vanish

Negative emotions vanishes-because every misinterpretation leads to anger,hate, jealous but if you can sense the point of view of another person and you can see the situation as a third person,then you would not be angry on another person. It means you get a level of mind reading.

What If Humans Used 100% Of Their Brains - Askiguru


4.Obstacles Start Dissolving
Obstacles are those conditions where we feel stuck, trapped, impaired and can’t flow forward in life. As we increase our brains potential, we don’t have problems, we just have innovative solutions. You spontaneously attract things like abundance, car parks, and harmonious relationships and effortlessly find solutions to all your problems.

What If Humans Used 100% Of Their Brains - Askiguru


5.Desire Begins To Fade
Desire is what drives us to seek fulfillment. It’s the base motive for most of our actions. It’s the idea that I’m separate to that thing or experience and if I get it, I’ll be more fulfilled. As our brain usage increases the experience of the separation between you (subject) and the object fades, and an internal fulfillment embellish, dissolving desire.

What If Humans Used 100% Of Their Brains - Askiguru


6.Fear Starts To Fade
Like desire, fear is the event of subject (you) and object and the separation between the two. It’s the experience that the object could endanger you the subject and that your survival is finite. With exaggerated brain usage, one acquires awareness that they are more than physical limitations, in fact, there are NO limitations. I.e. they had no beginning, and no end, just as the wave regardless of its time frame, is always the ocean. As Lucy says in the film, “You don’t actually die.”

What If Humans Used 100% Of Their Brains - Askiguru


7.Control Over Your Body
No longer at the humaneness of the responses in the body, living as a slave to it, one now is aware of the mighty intelligence within body and is now the director orchestrating how it functions. This ranges from not only healing oneself but also having mastery over the seeming physical limitations and controlling the cells.

What If Humans Used 100% Of Their Brains - Askiguru



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