Energy drinks definitely does boost your energy that most of us need to get through the day, but they are one of the least healthy things that your body intakes. Though, you don't need to sacrifice your energy boosters to stay healthy. But, these boosters will energize you up naturally!


Like lavender, the fragrance of jasmine can help you to get mental clarity. Jasmine has the capability to uplift your mood, and hence it is recommended for those struggling with mood disorders such as depression. As a result, it builds your self-confidence.

Three-Minute Meditation

Any time you can squeeze in some kind of meditation which can be very helpful in eliminating negativity. Since it helps to the moment to stay, it also helps to identify the areas of tension and lets it go. You should try to get into the habit of meditating once a day at least, and you'll find yourself with high energy level!

Upbeat Music

We all are aware that upbeat music has a way of exciting people. The quick rhythm is great for you to get energized, and encourages you to achieve better productivity at work, especially when you are bored.


Even just the smell of a peppermint automatically triggers the trigeminal nerve, which is the brain's arousal center. Having a peppermint gum is a great way to ensure you'll get through a boring work day without falling asleep.

Walk Around the Block

If you’re feeling exhausted or feeling inactive it maybe actually because your energy level must have gone down. A quick walk around the block can actually fix that. Its effects last up to two hours or so.

Cold Shower

It's absolutely impossible to feel tired after taking a cold shower! It has been found that cold showers actually strengthen your immune system. When your skin is hit with cold it improves your blood circulation as, the blood automatically flows to your organs to warm them up.


Citrus smells have been found to be particularly helpful in eliminating the feeling of anxiety. Different people respond to different scents, so do a search to find the perfect one that works best for you. It could be lemons, or oranges, or any other number of citrus smells you like.

Interval Exercises

Even a long-term and easy exercise won’t do quite as much as, three intense exercises in the morning will help. Intense exercise boosts your endorphins. A shorter exercise takes less of your time also.

Scalp Massage

Massaging the scalp triggers an increased feeling of alertness. Also, any cyclic movement such as brushing your hair seems to trigger a energy which helps you to focus.

Good Posture

The posture in which you sit affects the flow of the oxygen throughout your body. Sitting up in a straight posture keeps your chest open and as a result, it allows more of the oxygen to flow. Sitting up in a straight posture is a sign of self-confidence to both the parties.


Dark chocolate specifically is upright in flavonoids, which have numerous benefits in order to prevent the leakage in the blood vessels to protect blood cells from oxygen damage. It also contains caffeine. Although chocolate is a good energy booster, but do not keep eating it all the time.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing opens up the blood flow. It also increases the flow of oxygen as well. It also helps to alleviate anger and any other kind of negative thoughts. Take a deep breath and you'll be surprised at the energy you will get.

Be Polite or Do a Good Deed

Being kind to someone, even someone you don’t know can be an automatic energy booster. It will not also boost your energy but also will improve the level of your confidence. Even if things don’t go well in your entire day you won’t be left totally exhausted.

Two Minutes of Downward Dog

Downward dog is the yoga posture in which you are posed in an upside-down V with your feet and hands on the floor. It shouldn't be a struggle to perform as it is considered to be a resting pose. The flow of blood is increased to the arms and legs.