French is considered to be the language of sophistication. Nowadays everyone in the world knows English and can dabble in more foreign languages; it is good to have knowledge of some strategically important words.

So, here is a compiled a list of some essential words along with their pronunciation and phrases of the French language, so that you throw in gracefully the next time you are sipping the Chardonnay.

Bonjour { bohn – zhoohr} – Good Day

Au Revoir {aw rhe – vwaa} – Good Bye till we meet again.

Merci {mehr-see} – Thank you

Faux pas {foh pah} -slip in etiquette

Monsieur { mhe- syeh} – mister

Mademoiselle {mahd mwuh-zel} – Ma’am

C’est la vie {say lah-vee} – such is life

Joie de vivre {szhwa-duh vee-vruh} – joy of living

Bon voyage {bon vo-yaayzh} – have a pleasant trip

Bon appe`tit {bawn e-pey-tee} – wish you a hearty appetite

Adieu {uh-dyoo} – Good Bye

Tu es tres belle {tyuh ay tre bel} – you are beautiful

S’il vous pla^it {seel vo play} – play

Bonsoir {bon swar} – Good Evening

Désolé {Dee- zoo-lay} – Sorry

Ça va? {sa- vaa} – What’s up

Enchanté {ooh-shahn–tay} – pleasure meeting you

Beau gosse {bo guhs} – Hot guy

Merde! { may yerde } – Shit

Zut {zyt} – Damn

Va te faire foutre { Vah tuh fayhr foot-r} – fuck yourself

Salaud {Salo} – Bastard

Putain {pyu- tahn} – whore

Joyeux anniversaire {zjoy-oo ah-nih-vair-sair} – Happy birthday

Mon chéri {mo(n) shay-ree} – My darling

Je t`aime { zhuh-tehm} – I love you

Excusez-moi {ehs-kew-zay mwah } – Excuse me

Pas de problem {Pa deu pruh blem} – No problem

Je ne sais pas {zhuhn say pah} – I don’t know

Voila` {vwah – lah} - Here it is

J`ai oublié {zhay oo-blee-ay} – I forgot

Bonne chance! {bun shahns} – Good luck