For an eye-catching and glamorous shimmery look, apply glitter powder over the cheekbones, on the inward corner of the eyes, and below the brow bones. Women with light skin, pink based highlighter should be used and for medium and dark skinned women golden tones


For a more dramatic and bold look around the eyes smoky look is one of the best way. You can use silver, metallic, or even a white color eye shadow underneath the lower eyelid. Smoky look can be applied around the eyelids, or apply gold colored eye-shadow on the upper lid.


You can create many great bedazzled looks. It can be created on your nails, eye areas, and on your lips. They come in varied colors, which can be coordinated with your makeup.


There are so, so many choices of color that you can choose from, to go along with your attire. Many darks shades of red are in trend like the rich burgundy color now, as it stays longer than the black nail polish. burgundy is richer than red, and never out of style. Plus, it's a perfect warm color for the holidays.


Not only there are truly amazing nail polishes from color of the rainbow, but there are also ample of ways to create amazing designs. With all the professional nail artists in the world, the sky is the limit on creation. To get a cute design for the season, draw inspiration from holiday classics like snowflakes, trees, ornaments, reindeer, or lights!


Lip gloss always adds a certain flare, because of the unique shine it adds to your lips. Lip gloss comes in very subtle colors as well as vibrant colors, and everything in between. There are some that are also flecked with shimmer, for a more festive look.


There are so many ways to create spectacular looks with eye shadow. You can use gray shadow, gold, purple, and green, for instance, in multi-textured ways to create a magnificent look by properly containing it between the crease and the lid. There are many great eye shadow colors to use accordingly for wonderfully, spectacular looks.


Blush is usually not required much of times; however, it can be a great additive to your whole look. For that pretty, look, you can enhance your natural rosiness by combining one lighter and one darker colors. Otherwise, you can start lightly with the compact's paler shade, and then by applying the darker shade accordingly, to create that wonderfully, festive look.


From chocolate colored to the standard red lipstick, there are so many varieties to choose from. You just have to coordinate your shade of lipstick accordingly to your eye shadow and blush. You can also use glimmering lipstick to give it that sparkling, festive, holiday appeal.


A French manicure will always spice up your look for any occasion. You can be simply professional yet glamorous with the standard pink and white colors. Otherwise, you can glam it up more, from somewhat subtle to very vibrant colors.


To be sure that you are showing off all of this glam makeup, wear your hair in a ponytail. You can spice up the ponytail, by teasing your hair at the crown while the nape of the neck being secured, or you can pull a strand of the hair from the ponytail, in order to bring it around the elastic.


Certain celebrities have created wonderful looks with the eyeliner. Angelina Jolie, for instance, always wears her signature eyeliner look easily. To create that look, all you have to do is to use a gel or liquid liner, and with the eyes closed, glide the eyeliner from the inward to outward corner with it slightly winged upward at the end.


If you wear your hair parted on the left side all the time, then wear it parted on the right side or in the middle. If you mainly part it in the middle, then part it on one of the sides. Doing this step alone will greatly enhance your look, especially when you and others always see the same side or middle parted.


This wild and popular party look is inspired by Asian party makeup. Vibrant colors, such as blues, pinks, and plums, create lovely gradients that will give eyes a mystic look. This look goes well for any party. This makeup makes everyone look more lively, and ready to party.


he color of eyelashes are the same as the eyeliner color. For extended eyelashes, you should use great brands from Maybelline or Covergirl, for instance, that promote extended eyelashes. You can also wear eyelashes, or use a eyelash curler for more dramatization.


When deciding which makeup colors to apply, it's usually a good idea to coordinate appropriately with accessories. Coordinating appropriately with accessories will really make yourself stand out. You will be the envy during the holiday season, with your different colored hair accessories, for instance, since it's so close to your beautifully made-up face.