The world is changing and will continue to, as change is the only constant. There's no doubt about it. And to someone who was born and grew up in the 90s, the change between the things, way back then and how they are now are totally incredible.

1. Finding something out

Then: Back then we would ask our family, our dad, our mom, siblings. Lastly we would turn to our friends for advice. And believed on everything our friend said without a shadow of a doubt.

Now:  Now with the rise in the technology we have just friend who can answer to our questions regarding anything and everything.

2. Games

Then:  Outdoor games like Cricket, football and badminton were played along with friends. And after that when it was too dark, it was the time for chupan chupai! There was so much of activities and exertion done by kids helping them to stay active and fit.

Now: Now there are hardly any outdoor games being played by kids. Its jus Xbox, FIFA, PlayStation etc. Technology has made many kids lazy and unhealthy.

3. If you wanted to listen to your favorite songs

Then: The disc man was the only option previously. And of course, how can we forget the difficulties that came along with it.

Now: Now the kids are blessed with Phone, MP3 player, iPod. You name it, and they got it all.

4. When we wanted to find out where our friends were

Then: When we wanted to call for our friends to play, we would have to physically go to their house, ring the door bell and ask for them.

Now: Nowadays since everyone has their own personal phones, friends are just a call or a message away.

5. Foreign chocolates

Then: We would have to wait for the annual trips or maybe wait for NRI relatives to arrive to taste some of that awesome chocolate. Just keep waiting.

Now: The store next door. Yep. The world's gotten a whole lot smaller.

6. When we were punished by our parents

Then: When we were punished by our parents we were asked not to play more outside in the evenings.

Now: Today is no playing outside its just gadgets are said big no no.

No computer. Wait no phone either. And drop that tablet. Take a break from that laptop too. And stay away from the TV.

7. Logging on to the Internet

Then: We have to connect first. Bear all those weird noises. And finally after 15 minutes, we used to get online. God help you if someone used the phone while you were online though.

Now: The Internet is literally at our finger tips. Especially with things like Mobile data plans, Wi-Fi plans, hot spots etc.

8. And then there was gaming

Then: Afternoons at the gaming parlor with friends, desperately collecting as many coins as we could to keep our game going as long as possible.

Now: Plug in the PS, man.

9. Watching the latest movies

Then: We either took the trip to the theatre or wait till it came out on tape and rented it. Or even a longer wait for it to come out on TV.

Now: Now any movie can be seen anytime without going to theatre or waiting for it to come on TV. You can simply download it from the internet.

10. And of course, if you wanted to watch that movie from a particular point

Then: Great. Now spend the next 20 minutes rewinding or fast forwarding the tape to the point you wanted. 

Now: Thanks to the genius who created the seek bar.