A simple funda “No expectation, no disappointment” with which many individuals swear to live by today. Expectations can be quite tricky to live with it forever. Some expectations motivate you to achieve big in life, while some may even put you at a difficult spot too. A relationship turns out to be sour and expectation turns to be the real evil. The best way to proceed towards life is to expect nothing and appreciate everything. However, it quite the opposite, especially, when it is about man-woman relationships.

A famous notion which says, 'Men are from Mars, while women belong to Venus' – certainly there is a lot of difference in their way of approaching things. A man prefers staying practical in life and likes being close to reality, while women are inclined more towards emotions and imagination. So, these poles which are totally apart comes together to build a relationship. They own a set of expectations and beliefs often drives their relationship crazy. Apart from blaming, there are list of some unrealistic expectations that women keep from men, which often costs their relationship.

1.'He will understand my silence'

Being inclined more towards emotions, women, believe strongly that if men cannot understand their silence, then they will definitely fail to understand their words. But, actually the truth is words are much easier to understand! Women should not forget that their partner is a different individual, and there are no cables or cords attached between you two, which transfers the untold thoughts or feelings. So all the ladies out there speak out about what you want your man to do things for you just don’t assume that he will understand.

2. 'He can change for me'

Change is the only constant thing in the world. One of the major expectations that women keep expecting from men is that, they will immediately change for them. They need to understand that it is not important to change a person and then accept him or even if he is trying to change, it does take time. People when in love do change for each other, but such changes are gradual. A person cannot, just cannot change overnight just because he has entered into a relationship with you. Women must understand that the individual was so far all these years and you fell in love with him for what he is, then why bring about a change in him now?

3. 'I should be the center his world'

Choosing a partner for courting is the only relationship that we are allowed to pick, rest all relationships are bestowed upon us by birth. No matter how many years you both have been in a relationship together, but definitely not more than the number of years his family members have been with him and supported him. So, you cannot expect them to suddenly make you the center of his world. He has his own set of interests, hobbies, goals, friends and some other plans.

4. 'Our lives are now same'

For a man the scariest thing is to give away his privacy. Men may have some sort of secrets or even may not have, but they do not like sharing all details of their life with everyone. No matter how extrovert a man is, he will have something or the other which is unshared. However, women, on the contrary women share everything they have in their heart, hence expect their partners to do the same. Like themselves women wants to know each and every moment of their partner, irrespective of its relevancy. Do not try forcing them, as according to logic men work more and are less controlled by emotions. They will share things with you only if it is important for you to know. Moreover, sometimes, ignorance will prove to be heaven for you so enjoy it!

5. 'It should be me first'

You might have given him many sleepless nights thou, you may have been his first and last thought of his day, but every time it should be only about you not necessary. Do not doubt his loyalty over this if incase he forgets to call you at some particular hour. He has to think about many other important things apart from you, like his job, his house rents, promotion, EMIs, bills and others. Assuming, that you are the only thing in his mind is just an expectation to be the center of his world. You must be an important part of his life, but not the only and alone thing in his life.

6. 'He must abide by my choice'

Every individual has a different taste and hence different choice. People tend to come closer to each other either may be because of similar choices or for having completely different choices. A change in choices is again something which happens over the period of time but if and only if an individual is open for it. It’s not correct to force your man to change his choice at once just because you don’t like it. Similarly, he likes every choice of yours only, cannot be expected from him. You should learn to accept it as your choice may or may not his choice.

7. 'He promised me a fairytale'

Well life is not always about “Mills & boons” it’s just merely a novel. Romance and happy life after is enough shown in films. But real life is not same as three hour of reel life movie with different show timings, where you can book the ticket as per convenience. Life is large, unpredictable and real. Therefore, do not expect your man to behave like the hero in your favorite movie. The hero also took several retakes before getting the shot right, he did not have to bother about the money before gifting the expensive solitaire, nor did he spend hours just to plan that perfect date which is shown in the movie. But definitely yes, you can take efforts to make your date or a day perfect like one you saw in the movie to add spark in your mundane life.