There are many trends that you feel you need to follow. These trends come and go but some trends stay forever. These trends become an integral part of our wardrobe and stay with us forever. The become the classics of our own wardrobe and styles that you can wear no matter where you are.

Following are some of the trends that have never gone out of vogue.  

1. Flannel Shirts

flannel shirt
Flannel Shirts has been there for a while. And this Pattern has acquired a timeless fashion piece position in the fashion world. The best part about this fashion trend is that it always works well with almost any color and makes it a great option layering. The look best in the form of Jackets and Shirts. It has now become a staple in any women wardrobe.

Best way to Style: Wear the jeans with a fennel shirt with combat boots. Keep the accessories minimum and Rock this Edge Look.     

2. Trousers

Trousers were the “it” fashion in the 70s and 80s. Later on, it died and then it made a comeback and stayed for a longer period of time becoming a classic. Fitted and Flared Trousers are petite girls best friend as they make them look taller and makes silhouette prettier. These trousers can be worn as casuals and as formals. 

Best Way to Style: Pair trousers with a simple white top and boots. To dress it up, add a beige or black jacket. 

3. The Boyish Mode 

The Boyish Mode
This trend is perfect for those chic girls out there. Women who love their Blazers and trousers will love this trend. Boxy Blazers, loose but well-fitted trousers, coats, and jumpers complete this look. This trend has been there for a while now. It has made its way to the classic fashion styles. This style looks effortless yet well put.

Best Way to Style: Wear a neutral jumper on a trouser and pair it with a nice coat to make it bit more dressed up. 

4. Animal-Print Accessories

Animal Print
Animal print is one such print fashion which finds its way back in the fashion industry. This fashion trend is still well loved and well received by many people and you will always find one item of this pattern making its way in the stores. This pattern is mostly used as a part of accessories, where you will find this print on bags, belts, jackets etc. 

Best Way to Style: Wear it as an accessory, in a subtle way possible. It makes this pattern much more relevant when you add it to your outfit in a subtle way.

5. The "Neutrals" Fashion

Neutral Fashion
Neutrals are basics that you will find in everyone’s wardrobe. The Neural consists of Black, Beige, Gray, and White. These colors go with almost all the outfits effortlessly. You don’t have to spend hours in trying to best find what goes well with what. 
Best Way To Style: They go with anything and very thing. 

These are the trends that will never go out of fashion. If you don’t have any of these then try to invest in these key fashion items to make your wardrobe trendy yet timeless.