Shopping abroad is fun. But there are many things you can keep in mind while shopping abroad. If you do this right; you save time, money and energy. Following are 5 tips to know while shopping abroad that can save you from a lot of hassle.

Know the place you are visiting better

Always remember to know about the place you are visiting better. If you know the place better, then you know what the country you are visiting specializes in. You can list down the things you need to buy. Knowing the place you are visiting better will also help you to list down the best places to shop. 

Make a list 

Making a list is very important so you avoid impulse purchases. This is something we usually don’t follow and end up buying things that were not planned. But when you are in foreign country, things are expensive than usual or sometimes might be affordable than usual depending on the exchange rate. In such cases, you end up buying something which was not on your list and end up spending a lot more than you have decided. 
Make a list of things you want to buy. Do your research by browsing through travel blogs and shopping mall websites to get more information.  This will come in handy when are shopping on a budget.
Compare the prices

Comparing prices is very important. Make sure that you compare prices of the things you want to buy before actually purchasing them. See what price you are paying in the foreign country and in the home country. 
Also, prices differ depending on the area and location the mall.  Some shopping malls are on the expensive side just because of the location. Find out properly about the prices especially when you are buying high-end brands. Check out duty-free prices at the airport as well, because sometimes you end up saving a lot more in duty-free. Look out for outlet malls for more savings, here brands sell their stuff at a discounted rate.

The Sale Season

If you have the time to schedule your vacation during the sale season then do so; because it will be worth it. If you are shopaholic on budget and want to specifically go on a trip for shopping only, then sale season is an ideal time to visit that specific country.    
Each and every country has a sale season, in India its end of the year from November-January and in mid-year during June-July. Likewise, other countries too have their own sale season. You can do some research and then plan your trip accordingly.

Smart Shopping

Many of us are impulse buyers and end up buying things that we won't be using at all. We just buy them because we like it, such things really do not have any utility in our lifestyle. Try and avoid to do such a thing when you are in the foreign country. The urge to impulsively buy something in a foreign country is quite high but avoid it as much as possible. Know yourself & your style, ask whether you will ever you this thing again or not. Try to avoid trend pieces as they will go out of trend shortly. 
Leave the shop and roam around, if you still are thinking about the thing that you liked only then buy it.  
Shop smartly knowing what you like and want, rather than indulging in trends and ending up buying something you will not use or wear.
These are some tips to remember while shopping abroad. Also, remember you can get a tax refund on the airports and sometimes if you show your passport or student id you can avail discounts as well. Some places take off your taxes as soon as you show your passport at the payment or checkout counter.