There many tech-savvy girls and women out there and many have a different preference when it comes to tech. For example, mobile phones. Some like IOS and others like Android. But there are few gadgets every girl likes to own or receive whether you are tech savvy or not. 
Following is the list of gadgets every woman likes to own ( except Mobile phones ) :
Power Bank    
In the age where you need your phone no matter where you go, it has somewhat become mandatory to carry a power bank along with you. So that your phone doesn’t die in the middle of the day making you disabled. 
There are many options out there from fancy to simple ones that do the same work i.e. charging your phone. But women like something sleek and compact that can look nice as well. They are many companies who are nailing this element of power bank. Sleek and stylish power banks 
The power bank is something that there on every girl's list.        

Polaroid Camera 
Polaroid cameras were 90’s things which have made a comeback. We live in a digital age, that’s why maybe we miss few things like physical photographs. Polaroid cameras give the satisfaction of holding a physical photo which you get on the spot. 
Every girl likes to have one Polaroid camera to capture the moments.

Smart Watch
Every woman likes to have a watch which is connected to your phone. Having your device connected to your phone helps you to stay on track with almost everything. From your schedule to your fitness it does all the work for you by providing you all necessary notifications. You don’t have to check your phone for missed call, notification etc. You watch will not only tell you time but many other things along with it.
Wireless Headphones
Wireless headphones are so on trend these days. Now you don’t have to worry about wires getting tangled while listening to music. Upon that, you can multi-task while keeping your phone aside.    
It is truly a wonderful device to own. It is available in every price range, making it possible for everyone to own these. These headphones come in handy when you are traveling or working. 
There are many companies who are making fancy and cute headphone catering to a female audience. Best for women who are multi-taskers.    
Mini Laptops     
Most Women like to carry their whole world with themselves, including laptops. But laptops can become a bit heavy and big to carry around especially if you have a job that demands traveling. These days you will find mini laptops that have the same power as a full-size laptop to get your work done. Ideal for girls who travel a lot for work. 
Many working women like to have a mini laptop around to make their life much easier. 

These are few gadgets many women want to own.