Home cultivation has been around for a while. People love farming at there place if they have enough place to cultivate one. But these it has gotten a bit difficult due to space crunch. There are people who still even in space crunch decide to grow something of their own. If you are also thinking of growing something at your place why not start with planting fruits in your garden or balcony? Here is the list of Top 5 Fruits that you can grow at your own place.



Strawberries can actually grow in containers despite being known as a plant that needs plenty of room to grow. They are actually one of the best plants to grow in pots and they can even grow indoors, so you can now grow your own fresh strawberries anytime. You need to pick a sunny place and this plant can happily be there giving you fresh strawberries. Strawberries can grow in artificial sunlight as well, which makes them ideal for winters. You do need to select a pot large to handle them and make sure that you pick them out regularly when they begin to produce to make room for extra growth.



You can grow cantaloupe in a pot. If you love this deliciously sweet melon and don’t really have a garden spot to grow your own melon, then just pick up a few of rather large pots and you can grow enough to last you all season. Any variety of cantaloupe can be grown in pots and you can let the vines drop over the side or hold them with sticks for better support. Smaller plants which grow smaller melons are ideal for container planting because they have more space to grow.



Enjoy your juicy pineapple any time during the year by growing it yourself at your place. To do this you don't have to live in a tropical area. Start with a fresh pineapple and cut off the head, leaving a bit of fruit at the top. You’ll want to soak the crown or head of the pineapple for a day or so in water to allow it to soak up moisture and then plant in a big sized plastic container. You need to choose a warm, sunny place for your pineapple which makes it a good choice for balconies.


Figs Trees

According to Reader’s Digest, all varieties of fig fruit more heavily if their roots are confined to a large pot, but Negro Largo does particularly well as a houseplant. The other good thing about it is that it prefers indirect sunlight which ideal for apartments that don’t get a lot of direct sunlight and you only have to feed it a few times during the growing season. 



Watermelon is one of the most loved food. You must have hardly come across people disliking this fruit. Why would any one hate it? It is a delicious fruit that contains 98% water in it. It provides you with water as well as nutrients. If you’re tired of paying hefty prices for watermelon at the market, think about growing your own at home because it is easy and one of the easiest fruit to grow in the house.


So these are the list of fruits that you have grow at your place without any hassle. Cultivating fruits or any plant is always a good idea. Home cultivation is something that has gotten more popularity these day. Why not jumping on this bandwagon as it is totally worth it.