The beauty industry is ever evolving. There is always something new you will find appearing in the beauty world. Each and every one wants to be a beauty trendsetter and due which many weird beauty trends begin. Some trends go viral and are well received by many and some trends lean on “Why did this trend started ?” "What were they thinking?"

Following is the list of such trends that are out of this world strange and need to end. 

A holographic lip is a trend which began in early 2017 when everyone was buying holographic makeup and trying it out. From highlighters to eye-shadows to lip-glosses. Holographic makeup had everything you could ever imagine but out of this the lip-glosses became very popular and became a trendy beauty product that many were wearing and trying out. This lip-glosses added multi-color sheen on lips and that's it and it did not look good. Even today you will find many women wearing it. Holographic lips are big NO-NO.

How about adding glitter on to your roots? Well, this trend has been around and don’t know why it has gained popularity. It looks weird and feeling like someone has gotten glittered dandruff on their roots. Not so Pretty Look and hairstyle. Avoid doing this whatsoever as it really looks very strange.

There are many makeup applicators from various types of brushes to different types of sponges. But there is one such sponge called Silicon sponge which you can now use to apply your makeup. All it does is double your makeup application time and wastes a lot of product. Instead, use your regular makeup application tools to do your make and save time and energy.

Having huge beautiful lashes is something every girl dreams about. So there are companies who make their wish come true by making insanely long fake lashes. These are so long and thick that they look very unnatural and not so pretty. Definitely, something you must avoid. The make you look unreal and that is not what you want to look like.

Nail arts are something which will never ever go out of trend. The nail industry keeps on bringing something new on the table every time. But there are some nail arts which are completely impractical. After doing such impractical nail arts you can hardly use your hands to do anything. What is the use of having nail art when you cant even use your hands properly?

These are some beauty trends are need to end. These trends are really not needed and add nothing significant or useful in the beauty world. All these bizarre beauty trends are currently trending in the beauty world and who knows when they will stop. It is okay to do what you like and follow trends but some trends are better to be ignored.