Lets have a look to all time 10 top goal scorers in football.


1) Teofilo Cubillas (Peru) – 10 goals (1970, 1978, 1982)

Considered the greatest Peruvian of all time, Cubillas was the inspiration behind Peru’s run to the quarter final in 1970.

2) Gary Lineker (England) – 10 goals (1986, 1990)

He was the top scorer at the 1986 World Cup with six goals. Also struck four times in 1990 as England finished fourth.

3) Gabriel Batistuta (Argentina) – 10 goals (1994, 1998, 2002)

The legendary Argentine striker was at his peak during the 1994 and 98 editions and also scored as a veteran in Japan/South Korea.

4) Helmut Rahn (West Germany) – 10 goals (1954, 1958)

Known as the ‘cannon from Essen’, Helmut is best remembered for scoring twice in the 1954 final against Hungary. He was also a star four years later in Sweden. His 10 goals came from just nine games.

5) Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany) – 11 goals (1990, 1994, 1998)

The prolific striker excelled in three straight World Cups and built up an impressive partnership with Rudy Volley.

6) Sandor Kocsis (Hungary) – 11 goals (1954)

Kocsis played in only one World Cup but was a key player in the Hungary team of 1954, scoring in every game apart from the final defeat to West Germany.

7) Pele (Brazil) – 12 goals (1958, 1962, 1966, 1970)

‘The King’ burst onto the scene as a 17-year-old in 1958, scoring twice in the final win over Sweden. The legend later made a spectacle in the final 12 years later during the 4-1 thumping of Italy.

8) Just Fontaine (France) – 13 goals (1958)

The striker only ever played in one World Cup but remains the top-scorer in a single tournament with 13 goals as France finished third in 1958.

9) Gerd Muller (West Germany) – 14 goals (1970, 1974)

The best penalty box striker of all time, Muller hit 10 as West Germany finished third in 1970. He then scored four in 1974 as Holland was defeated in the final.

10) Ronaldo (Brazil) – 15 goals (1994, 1998, 2002, 2006)

The legendary Brazilian is best remembered for his performance at the 2002 World Cup where his eight goals, including two in the final, led to the glory of Selecao.