There are many things that we've been doing right or wrong, or the things we have no idea about its importance so let's see 14 daily things that are very beneficial to us and we need to take care in our day to day activities:

1. Answer the phone by left ears
Always remeber to answer the phone calls from your left ears as the right ears would directly affect your brain and they are more prone to moble radiation which would affect adversely. 


2. Don’t take medicine with cold water
As the body find it hard to digests the unwanted fats from our stomach so its preferable to drink warm or room tempaarture water and not cold water while taking medicine.


3. Don’t have heavy meals after 5 pm
Don’t consume heavy meals after 5 pm as eating early would help you to reduce weight and cutting out eating more caarbohydrates.


4. Drink more water in morning, less at night
We've been always told to drink more watre in order to ramain hydrated so drink more water in morning and less at night. Less at night because it can cause kidney problems, lowers salt level and it will make you visit the washroom in the middle of the night, thereby, causing disturbance in sleep too.


5. Best sleeping time is from 10pm-4am
Some studies have shown that 1 hour before midnight is equal to 2 hrs, in terms of deep sleep. And therfore it sums up to an effective hours of sleep.


6. Don’t lie down immediately after taking medicines
Don't go to sleep or lie down immediately after taking pills as the medication needs to go all the way to the stomach and not in the esophagus.


7. When battery is down to last bar don’t answer the phone, as the radiation is 1000
Don’t answer the phone, when the battery is low as the radiation is 1000 times stronger than when your phone is fully charged so avoid using it.


8. Daily 1 apple No doctor
Daily 1 apple keeps the doctor away, we all know that apples are rich in fiber and they help in the digestive process, in reducing weakness and controls diabetes so basiccaly we can live a disease free life.


9. Daily 1 lemon No fat
Daily 1 lemon supports weight loss and prevents kidney stones so you can add lemon with water and like a detox water for your way out.


10. Daily 5 almonds No cancer
A handfull of daily 5 almonds keeps cancer away, eating large amounts of almonds can reduce the risk of developing cancer and it lower risk of diabetes as well.


11. Daily 1 glass milk No bone problem
Daily 1 glass of milk helps to build healthy bones and teeth, it maintains and makes your bone mass stronger. It also serves as a source of energy.


12. Daily 4 dates No weakness
Eating daily 4 dates would make you more stronger as it is a good source of energy, sugar, and fiber which will boost your energy for whole day. 


13.Daily 3 times pray would free you from Tension
Everyday 3 times prayer a day would free your mind from tension and reduce negative thoughts and anxiety.


14.Daily 8 hours of sleep would lead to Happy day
Those who generally sleep for less than six hours a night are 12 percent more likely to experience a premature death while people who sleep more than eight to nine hours per night have a higher risk of death i.e. 30 percent.


I'm sure everybody will take these daily things into consideration as they are very much useful for your health. 

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