Building a million-dollar company is not every entrepreneur wants. There are some who wants to live and enjoy the dream of transforming a hobby into a career. This idea sounds great in theory but should be practiced to make it work. For some it just works out swimmingly but for some it can prove to be a hasty decision and major life regret.
What made you choose your current profession? Are you happily enjoying doing it? Did you pick a job that would be easy? Rather did you pursue a career related to your hobbies and interest? Chances may be that you dint base your decision probably you should have. Choosing hobbies as your career would be a very fruitful decision resulting in highly successful careers as those are the activities which that you’re probably good at and enjoy doing. Hobby is an activity which acts as a window to what you love and value and you do it most naturally, which are important components of a career where you’ll flourish.”

Following what you like doing will make you have fun and enjoy the activity rather than forcefully being asked to enjoy. Grownups can have fun, too cant they? The freedom to explore your hobbies will lead to new opportunities opened and you get the feeling of being more content than ever. Here are the some points which will explain the point of choosing hobby as your career.

Something You Want To Do Time And Again

Life is like a game. There are two kinds of games humans’ play that is finite and infinite. A person playing a game in a finite mode is something which he gives up very easily just in one loss. And in infinite game mode he keeps trying time and again unless he achieves what he desires. This game mode is like a treadmill that always feels pleasantly challenging. You get better and better , and the game gets more difficult. If a person playing game is engaged in the game his only aim is to keep playing exactly like our hobbies. A person who is happy, fulfilled and motivated by their work is likely to continue doing it forever.

Something That Is Wonderful In Its Difficulty

Setting goals and trying to achieve them is a normal routine way of keeping track of goals. But a person who is happily doing it will not seek a chance of break from it even after reaching its desired goals. The happy person enjoying his job will set new goals and find new ways to achieve them no matter what difficulty comes in between. You should chose something based on your interests but not on how easy it is do. We seek out difficult and challenging activities in our hobbies and everyday lives, because they make us happier. The difficulty of our hobbies keeps us coming back for more because we’re playing against ourselves at the precipice of our own abilities, attempting to beat our own scores and achieve the best.

Something People Need

The key to happiness is in finding work that is fulfilling, full of challenges, and difficult but also productive. Something which makes you happy doing it and also make others happy too. When we feel that our hard work and efforts have been enjoyable, challenging, and served as productive purpose, then your hard work is paid off and there is nothing that can stop you now.
Nothing great happens without exploring yourself, your capabilities and sharing that with others.