A sport utility vehicle or suburban utility vehicle generally termed as suv is a vehicle similar to a station wagon or estate car, usually operational with four-wheel drive for on or off road ability. Some SUVs include the capacity to even tow or pickup truck with the passenger-carrying space of a minivan or large sedan.

Latest models and attractive designs have now dragged the attention of people towards the SUVs. Once called the toy of big boys is not a big boy’s toy anymore. People have started to like the SUVs. Looking at the interest and booming market of SUVs manufacturers of automobile companies have also paid attention towards it. Automobile companies are launching SUVs which can be afforded by the people of middle class range. SUVs are choice of speed loving people. While sales of trucks and sports-utility vehicles fell sharply by more than a third in the world's largest auto market, SUVs are still ruling the roads in the Indian market.

Reasons for the booming of SUVs and increase in market are that they are inexpensive, very small and low capacity vehicles, mainly crossovers. Manufacturers have now even taken into consideration the fuel efficiency factor in mind as well. Automobile manufacturers feel that the Indian SUV market is still at a emerging stage and it would take a few years more before companies could start selling in large volumes. After an initial big start, sales of SUVs imported via the completely built unit route seem to have slowed down but the market is still evolving and even the automobile giants as well seems to agree that there is potential in SUV market and it is still in growing phase.

SUVs are basically popular among the urban markets. The factor that could harm volumes in this segment is the rising fuel prices. SUV sales in the US have started to increase now. However in Europe, customers have not switched their loyalties like the Americans as yet, but a change is happening in a small way and it is getting apparent, according to the automobile industry experts.