Nobody likes acne for sure. Acne sucks. People who suffer from acne are aware of its main causes are sweat, genetics, and hormones. The culprit for the break out could be hiding somewhere in your daily routine. Some of these acne triggers might really surprise you.


If you think you are not getting enough spice, but then just keep noticing quite a few blemishes around your mouth, you may need to rethink about your palate. A lot of spicy foods contain an acidic compound that irritates most skin types. It could be the culprit behind those annoying pimples.


If you have recently switched to a new mineral oil or moisturizing lotion, then it can be the reason for a breakout. The cosmetics that contains super heavy pore-clogging agent are silicone, that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe.


Yes, acne is annoying definitely no doubt in that, but over doing or applying a acne spot treatment can make the problem worse. Acne medicine contains certain ingredients that results into dry skin. Using the product treatment even more than directed can drastically dry your skin, causing it to produce an excess amount of oil, resulting into blemishes.


It's no surprise that smoking is bad for your health as well as for your skin, but we bet you had no idea that it was causing such breakouts. Smoking decreases the oxygen flow to your face, which triggers the production of oil.


Oh how we wish we could scrub away acne. But sadly we cannot. Exfoliating using a rough scrubber will only worsen the problem. If you scrub the active acne, you spread the bacteria around to the rest of your face. Nobody wants that for sure.


Heavy moisturizers, sulfates, and silicones in your shampoo and conditioner could be your pores nemesis. If you notice a lot blemishes near your hairline, then u need to switch to some different product.


It’s super tempting, but after you notice a blemish you need to try your absolute hardest to leave it alone. Poking it, or picking at a pimple will only make it worse or redder or leave a scar.


You probably know that exposure to the sun or harmful UV rays can lead to skin cancer, but it could also be the source of those pesky pimples. The sun dries out your skin, causing it to produce more oil, and there a surprise, surprise even more of acne.


Even the smallest of gestures of you, for example resting your chin on your hand, can easily transfer the bacteria from your hand to your beautifully clear and clean face. It also traps extra germs sweat, and oil. If you are a habituated of touching your face always, then this is a pretty good reason to try to break this habit.


One of nature's worst cycles; stress can result into acne and the acne results in more stress, and so on the cycle goes on. It's impossible to avoid stress, but you should practice some helpful ways to reduce the stress.  Sometimes a good exercise, a walk in the park, or a nice chat with friends is all you need.