Since the time Angelina Jolie has worn a slit dress in an award function, it has been in huge demand with the people who love to be trendy and display some skin. Slit dress or skirts give a classy, elegant and formal look.

Here is a list of points helping you to perfectly wear a Slit Dress:

·         Leave thigh-high slits to the celebrities

It is not at all easy to carry a slit dress, it at all you want to wear one, choose a small slit dress. It is the concept of slit dress that makes it sexy, not how long the slit is.

·         Check your Spanx

Make sure that the spanx you wear are not visible out of the slit when you sit down. This is the most important aspect to be taken care of while wearing a slit dress.

·         Combine with hose or tights

Not all are comfortable going bare with a slit dress. What you can do is, you can either wear a hose or well fitted tights which will give you a chic look as well as make you feel comfortable.

·         Go long

Instead of a short dress with a slit, go for a longer dress. A slit in the long dress will have better look than on the short dress.

·         Gosimple on the rest of the look. 

If you combine too heavy accessories with slit dress it will look bad. Allow the slit to take a center stage and go simple on the rest of the look. A simple piece of jewellery will enhance your dress and make you feel sexier.

·         No need of perfect legs. 

As in the case of long slit dress or skirt your entire legs won’t be visible. The only time the legs will be visible it when you sit. You can cross your lets and sit down so only the bottom part of the legs is visible.


·         Go with heels. 

Everything looks good with a bit of a height. So wear heels with slit dress as it will really work well and make you look taller and beautiful.