When the time is not right, the only easy thing we do is to criticize. For a change, you need to look into yourself and make sure what you are doing is right. If you can relate to these, then you have a brighter future than what you think.

1. You are an early bird

You would wake up early because you don't like wasting time. You know and understand the value of time. When you start your day early on time, you will be able to do more work in less time. This is the most important trait of a successful person.

2. Your life is less dramatic

When you see your friends around and the chaos in their lives due to some or the other reason; you realize how silent your life is. When you go to work with fresh mind or come home, you have more time and space in your head to think about new ideas while your mind is at peace. You're seldom occupied with random useless thoughts in your head.

3. You are organized

You have a plan for everything as you will not like wasting time on random things. Without planning you know it will never work out. You will always have a structure or a framework to be where you want to be in coming few years down the line.

4. And you crave for more

You will never give up no matter even If you fail. You will keep trying unless and until you achieve what you want to. You keep craving for more, you try other things to gain knowledge and experiences to do better and become bigger.

5. You are an optimist

You find positivity in everything you do. You know it is the biggest key to success. At the same time, you should know the art to say” No”. You don't indulge in things when you know it is a sheer waste of time and you know there's no harm in saying a simple no to those things. Instead you can utilize that time in doing something productive and useful.

6. You don't need praises

You know what your capabilities are and where you need to head. You don't need nor do you wait for anybody to give you compliments on your looks, work or your intelligence. You need to be confident in your own skin and that is the important part.

7. You are social

You will hang out with people who are smarter than you as you get to learn a lot. You have successful friends around you which inspire you to work harder and do better.

8. You are humble

You treat people around you the same way you would like to be treated by them. What  you do is what you get in return. Respect is the most important form of emotion. Additionally, you should never feel shy from helping people around you because you know, the more you give the more you get in life.

9. You are patient

You know every good thing takes time. You don’t panic or get restless even if something good is taking a lot of time to occur. Instead you wait patiently with hope. Leaving your patience is a cause for every problem and you know it. Patience is a key to every success story.

10. You are mature

You have enough audacity to face tough situations at every point in life. You may got cheated by many people but the idea is to get over it and move on because keeping a feeling of hatred will never get anything positive out of it.

Success comes from acceptance as things your way and if you have that, you are already on the right path.