Capsules are the most preferred form of medicines & supplements. They easily melt into our body and are also inexpensive. Depending on the base ingredients; there are two types of capsules Gelatin Capsules and Vegetarian Capsules. Both gelatin capsules as well as vegetarian capsules, we have seen and consumed at least once in our lives. 

Let’s find out some unknown facts about capsules.

First, Let's find out How capsules are made?
Capsules are made of gelatin because it can be easily bought anywhere and everywhere. They are also available in different colors, flavors, and shapes. Did you know that gelatin is actually made from collagen which is actually found in animals? There are other sub ingredients such as Amino Acids which are obtained from cow’s and pig’s flesh to make gelatin capsules. That is why it is not liked by the people that much.
Vegetable capsules, as the name suggests are not made from animal ingredients. They are made for vegetarian people and these capsules are also acceptable for religious reasons.  If there is the absence of 100% Vegetarian on the wrapper of the capsules then there is a possibility that it is made from animal ingredients. 

Types of Capsules
Hard Shelled Capsules – This type of capsule contains powder and the small medicinal ball inside of it.
Soft Shelled Capsules- This type of capsule contains different types of essential oils mixed with it.

What is the difference between Capsules and Tablets?
Tablet is a concentrated medicine which is made with sugar and other ingredients. Manufacturing of Tablets is much more affordable than any other medicines. On the other hand, capsules also contain powder and oils and they are capsulated. Tablets split in our body easily but not as easily as capsules. Capsules are easier to swallow. Tablets are cheaper than Capsules.

Capsules compared to other can store blend of sensitive drugs for a longer period of time as they are preserved in such a way that oxygen doesn’t go inside the capsule.
Through this, you know how capsules are made and how unhealthy it can be for our body and difference between tablets and capsules. 

These are some shocking facts about capsules.