Facebook is coming with new features and exploring more dimensions which can prove beneficial to its users.

After Facebook planning for a dislike button, it is currently testing a new feature which allows its users to sell goods while they are posting something to a group, according to a report on The Next Web.

The report also affirmed that some users have noticed a ‘Sell Something’ button right next to the ‘Write Post’ button when they are posting something on a group. On clicking the ‘Sell button’, it asks the users to add a title, description, image, price, location and pick up/delivery options.

Once the post is shared it appears as a classified listing. The other users will be able to comment on that post and can ask questions regarding those particular products, its details and availabilities. Facebook also states that it will not be responsible for any transactions and actions carried out by buyers and sellers and they will have to carry out the negotiation and deliveries on their own.

Facebook confirmed the news and stated that it is just a testing done with the new feature to help it users to better organize the items or products they want to sell. It is limited to certain Facebook Groups only that have active selling commodities.

It seems that Facebook is hoping users that will take the advantage of this new feature of buying and selling goods, although it is still in the testing mode.

Facebook has even given link to the help button which states that it will not be responsible for any operations between the buyers and sellers. If Facebook plans to fully roll-out this feature, there will be a need to obtain regulatory approval in most countries where it operates.