If you feel you are at a stage where your relationship is on the verge of break up, then start working on it and make it better.

Here are a few ways which can help you to make your relationships better and more strong as it was previously.

Understand the problem 

Firstly try and understand what is the problem and why it is not working out the way it used to be. Discuss it out openly so it will be easy to reach to a conclusion. Sometimes issues can be as small as not getting enough time to spend with each other or work tension.

Meet up Frequently 

Due to the hectic schedule of ours, we generally avoid meeting as we all are too stressed out. But rather, meet frequently, so what it is even for few minutes. Make a genuine efforts to meet each other and share your daily experiences.

Be in your Partner’s Shoes: 

At the time of problem, we only consider our problems and issues and tend to neglect our partners issues. We try to analyze things from our view point only. Doing so is not right, you should try and understand your partner’s viewpoint also and sort out the differences.

Take a Break and Hangout Together 

It is very important to take out time for each other. The best way to do so is that you both go for a mini holiday that will give you both some quality time to spend together and just be with each other.

Communicate Often

Mainly the difference arises when we do not communicate on a regular basis. Apart from meeting each other frequently, it is also important to keep in touch and communicate over a phone or sms. Even if you both have a busy day, make it a point to talk before you sleep.

Visit a Professional Counselor 

At times if such a situation arises, that you do not know how to resolve the issues then this is the time to consult a specialist so that you find ways to figure out the problems and work on your relationship to make it better.