Anyone who has worn flats or heels knows the difference between the two in terms of comfort. But is this enough of a reason for someone to abandon heels altogether and stick with flats? If you don't think so, read on to find several more reasons that will have you hanging up your heels.


Flats are always recommended by doctors. Excessive use of heels can lead to many adverse effects on your body and possible permanent foot deformities. These can include "pump bump" and bunions.


Flats are considered to be more convenient. Well have you ever tried running to catch a taxi in a high heels, it’s not easy task at all. A flat will enable you to not only run or walk faster but also helps to avoid an injury.


Flats will keep you dancing all night without any trouble. Instead of winding up the fun in a chair halfway through. Flats are way better for dancing feet.


Heels can cause injuries. while wearing heels due to the unnatural position of the foot, , a large number of women stumble and suffer from ankle strains and other injuries. They also have the potential for causing hairline fractures to the delicate bones in the foot.


Toes will suffer too. The toes can get squished in any pointy toed shoe but add the incline of an unnaturally high heel and the toes suffer further. This can cause pain as well as toe deformities.


Stick to flats for events. At weddings and parties you do not know the type of venue they are being held at. Going at an event being  prepared with a pair of flats will ensure that there will be no embarrassments or injuries from unfamiliar terrain.


Flats do not require much maintenance. Repairing a broken heel seems inevitable when someone owns a pair of heels. However flats do not require any of upkeep.


Flats are often less expensive as compared to heels. A pair of flats by the same designer may cost as half of what it costs for heels. Just think about the profit you could make while buying two pairs of flats for the price of one pair of heels!


Flats are very comfortable and versatile. You can wear them any where, at work then wear them home from the gym. They even look cute with yoga pants. You can wear flats in order to avoid wearing sweaty gym shoes.


Flats will help you burn calories also. You will surely be able to stay moving this and the next day if you opt for flats over heels.


Flats cause less blisters. This will certainly save you from having any injury. You will be able to wear those cute shoes day after day.


Clip-clop, clip-clop. Ever tried to be sneaky in heels? It never works.


Flats go from day to night easily. It goes around with everything; you can wear them with a pair of jeans for a more casual look. They pair with almost any sorts of looks.


While wearing flats you will not require to tower over others. Even if you are not the tallest of people heels sometimes it makes you feel like a giant. Stick with flats if you want to feel more comfortable.


Ever gone on a blind date? Wearing a pair of flats ensures that you will not be taller than your date. And apart from it what if you dint like the date have to run.