Cameras have become a thing of past due to the invention of Digital photography. In current time where smart phones comes with cameras that sometime provides better features than normal cameras, the use of cameras have taken a back seat.

But, there comes a time when you feel nostalgic about the old days where you were able to take printout of the picture.

To take out instant printout of your pictures from your iphone, Printeroid device was developed. It proves to be a promising technology as it allows us to take this small printer that easily fits in your hands to print images from the screen of your mobile devices.

In this printer, instead of film charging coils of special paper are used with a width of 7 inches and a length of 10 meters. The device includes a connector through which you can connect your devices like iphone or ipad.

To take the printout of what is displayed on the screen of your device, it can be done by installing the application – PMS (Printeroid Messaging Service). The use of this device is not limited to take printouts of only images or panoramic images, but you can printout even a text message, an e-mail, an e-ticket, business card or any activation code of a product and so on.

With the use of Printeroid, you can print both monochrome and color images.