On hearing the name of Cancer disease, people generally skip a heartbeat. They believe that is the end of their lives. But what we do not understand is the root cause of cancer or what leads to cancer?

Is cancer just the result of sheer bad luck or is it due to an unhealthy lifestyle or due to inherited genes?

Recent study says that cancer is the result of pure bad luck as random mutations in DNA leads to cancer in two thirds occurring of adults; but poor lifestyle can add up to the cause of it.

The remaining one third cancer cases can be linked to factors like external environment or defective inherited genes.

This does not imply that only bad luck is responsible for the cause of cancer.

The researchers have analyzed the number of times the division of self-renewing stem cells that occur in 31 various tissues in an average lifetime.

The results were then compared with the lifetime occurrence of cancer in the same tissues. There came out to be a strong connection between a particular stem cell division rate of a tissue and the chances of developing cancer.

It means that, the more often the cells divide, the letters of their genetic code will get mixed up which leads to high risk of cancer. The study says that random mutations due to stem cell divisions explicates the cancer occurrence for around 65%.

Studies have also shown that, the types of cancer that had higher risk of occurrence than the predicted number due to stem cell divisions, are the ones that can be easily indentified like, lung cancer(can be caused by smoking habits), skin cancer (can be caused by sun exposure) and other cancers that are caused due to hereditary syndromes.

For over more than a century, the scientists are aware of the fact that some types of tissues gives rise to cancer as compared to other tissues, but why this is happening is not clear.

We should focus on finding ways to detect cancers at early stages, as it is widely known that a best way to get rid of the cancer is by its early detection; where it can still be curable by surgery.

It can be noted that two-thirds of cancers occur due to random cell mutations, but you should improve your lifestyle and habits to make a difference and avoid the risk of cancer.