Eye Cream

No doubt you have heard the benefits of an eye cream a number of times, but it really is important, especially at night. Using a moisturizing eye cream regularly will delay in wrinkles and make sure you wake up looking refreshed.

Extra Heavy Moisturizer

Moisturizer made for overnight wear has different benefits than every day normal one. It is extra heavy as compared to normal moisturizer, which is good even if you don’t have dry skin. At night, you don’t drink water as you are sleeping due to which skin gets dehydrated. Moisturizing your skin helps in retaining its elasticity and reducing wrinkles and sags.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream

While sleeping your skin doesn’t retain moisture naturally. Eventually leading to saggy skin wrinkles which are every woman’s worst nightmare. Anti-wrinkle creams contain firming agents that preventing the wrinkles. It’s like a win-win situation as most anti-wrinkle creams are also as double as heavy moisturizers.

Lash Treatment

Night is the perfect time to apply a lash treatment serum as your eyes are clean and free from makeup. The treatment has about 8 uninterrupted hours to work its magic. Sometimes lash serums can be a little too pricey, but if you use it continously the results can be stunning.

Lip Balm

Waking up in the morning with cracked dry lips is annoying. If you breathe with mouth

While sleeping and your mouth dries out during the night due to all the airflow which is why your lips are not perfect. Grab some Chapstick to use right before you hit the bed. If you want a natural option then coconout oil can work wonders too.

Body Butter

Body butter is like heavy moisturizing cream for your body. Apply to dry areas of your body, like hands, elbows, and knees 15 minutes before you jump into your bed. When you wake up you will have silky, nourished and smooth skin.

Hand Cream

If you experience really dry hands after a good night’s sleep add a heavy hand cream to your nighttime routine. They even acts as a special gloves that locks in the moisture while you get your beauty sleep.

Hair Serum

Hair serums work wonders for your hair overnight. The deep conditioning helps in moisturizing the strands preventing breakage and split ends. Plus the natural oils will have you waking up with soft, shinny, and healthy hair

Soft Rollers

If you wake up extra early so that you have sufficient time to shower, blow-dry and style your hair. Then you should put a full stop to it! All the chemicals and heat is not one bit helping your hair. Instead u should try soft rollers. All you need to do is roll your hair at night, then sleep. Wake up with flawless curly hair. It’s that simple.

Teeth Whitener

Some whitening treatments take up to an hour. If you don’t have that time in your busy schedule try an overnight teeth whitener. Make sure that you use a product made for overnight wear. If you wear the white strips for about 20-60 minutes, it can help to whiten your teeth. Keeping it for overnight can end up damaging your teeth.