With the growing technology "Makeup application" has got a new meaning. If you are obsessed with staying up on latest trends in beauty products and always want to look 100% perfect, then these smart phone apps will help you to make your life much easier and better!

From beauty alerts or staying hydrated or getting salon services at your home, using such apps will make you wonder how have you lived without these amazing apps.


It’s time to rejoice for nail addicts! An Iphone app called Top Coat which allows you to browse the work of local nail artists based on pictures they upload. If you like the work of an artist or any look of some nail art in particular then you can book an appointment straight from the app! After you get your fabulous manicure done you can pay via the app so you don’t have to ruin your nails by digging in your purse for your wallet to pay the bill.


If you are a girl who usually does her makeup on the go then you will absolutely love this app. It is available for Windows, IPhone, and Android. Instead of using the front camera, which is blurry and a bit delayed, this app turns your camera into a mirror that you can actually use! You will always have a pocket mirror for touch ups and busy mornings wherever you go.


Since not all of us are professional makeup artists, sometimes it’s hard to pick up the correct shade that is when Beautiful Me comes in handy. Your Facebook pictures are analyzed and give you the skin reports. It gives you information such like what shade of foundation will suit on you, what colors work best with your skin can tone, even on how your skin is aging overtime!


It is very important for your physical and as well as mental health to stay hydrated. IDrated is an app available on Iphone, which uses your weight, age, and exercise level to show how much water you should consume each day. It tracks your levels of hydration in a calendar and reminds you o drink more water


This is the perfect app for spontaneous makeup buyers. If you like a product and you really want, all you need to do is simply scan the barcode and the app will get you all the customer reviews which will be helpful for you to decide if it is really worth your money.

It also does offers coupons and makeup tutorials for certain products.


This is an app that every healthy and environmentally conscious person needs to have it with them. Good Guide will tell you how healthy it is after you scan the barcode of a product. This will make you look good and feel better about what you are using.


If you are obsessed about your skin and want to protect it from the harmful rays of sun then this is the app for you! It tracks your location to find the local forecast and the UV index. Using this information it tells you the kind of sunscreen you should be using based on your skin tone and even alerts you when it is time to reapply.


This is another great app for all the nail polish lovelies. If going to the nail polish aisle will give you anxiety as you would like to have it, but can’t have all of the colors at once, this app will stop your panic attacks. The app offers you to try on different colors of nail polish in a fun way without having to actually apply on your nails. You can adjust the model’s hand their skin tone and nail length and see which colors look the best.


Thanks to Beautiq you will never have to be embarrassed about moustache hairs, dark roots, or nappy extensions ever again.  All you need to do is simply put in your location and service you want and the app allows you to get hair, makeup, nail, and body care services in the comfort of your own home!


If you can’t get cruelty free beauty products easily then this app is your new BFF. Leaping Bunny is an unpaid app that makes sure the products you are using haven’t been tested on animals. It consists of large list of brands on which you can trust, including everything from fragrances to makeup to household cleaners.


This is a life saving beauty app when you are little clueless about what colors complement you! Simply upload a selfie of you and Plum Perfect determines your hair type, skin tone, undertones and eye color. It goes a step further and gives you customized makeup recommendations.


This app is for beauty lovers. It has discounted deals on massages, facials, and hair treatments. You can even schedule an appointment directly from your app.