MS Dhoni, the name doesn’t need any introduction, almost every Indian knows him and is proud of him. Face of the Indian cricket team. Recently he has added one more achievement to his achievement box, which is becoming the most successful captain who has won more matches on foreign grounds than any other Indian captain.

Also known as captain cool initially used to play football as a goalkeeper.  On advice of his football coach he entered into cricket and then changed the fate of the Indian cricket team.  MS Dhoni took command of Indian cricket team when team was going through very bad phase and got out of the world cup by losing to Bangladesh. He led the team for first T20 world cup and won it. They were considered as underdogs and nobody was expecting from team India to win the T20 world cup after their poor performance in world cup. But it was MS Dhoni who made it possible.  With his cool temperament and positive attitude he made it possible. And he did it again by winning world cup in 2011 for India after 28 years.

In many situations when people almost lose their hopes, he never gives up and fights till end and he has did it many times. This is why people say “Anhoni ko honi kar de Dhoni”(Dhoni can make impossible to possible).sometimes people raise question on his decisions but that’s the way Dhoni works, always thinking out of the box and unusual, which makes him different from others. He always surprises his opponents by his unexpected decisions and it works most of the times.

MS Dhoni is such a person who is even loved by his enemies. Despite of being so successful, he is very calm and down to earth. We can learn from Dhoni that if a person can keep calm and work with dedication, nothing is impossible.