Technology has made the lives of we people extremely easy. You can finish every work by just "one touch or one click".

Due to technology, the world has received many benefits. Below is the list of major technological inventions of the 21st Century which have changed our life.

Apple iPod (2001)

Apple iPod, the Portable MP3 players had been around for over more than a decade. The iPod launched with Apple's iTunes software was the technology that really changed the way people listened to music. The device was designed beautifully and had huge internal storage memory making it no longer necessary to carry CDs and cassettes.

Mozilla Firefox (2002)

It was Mozilla Firefox that challenged the dominance of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It was free and open-source, so it attracted to Window’s users who did not want to be the part of Microsoft's software ecosystem.

Skype (2003)

Skype has made communication very easy amongst the people in different countries. It is a major invention as people can talk and do video chat freely over a good internet connection which drastically helped to cut-off their calling costs.

Facebook (2004)

Facebook is not the first social networking site. Earlier there used to be Orkut, MySpace and many more, but the ease the simplicity it provided to the users it became the largest social networking platform with around 1.3 billion users from different backgrounds.

YouTube (2005)

YouTube is the world's most popular video-sharing website. The reason for success is that anyone can upload any video from anywhere for free.

Nintendo Wii (2006)

Nintendo was a great invention after Play Station and Xbox games. It went off-beat and created a console (motion controller) that allowed users to get physically involved in the virtual games. The Wii controller detects movement in three dimensions.

Apple iPhone (2007)

The first touch screen smartphone to gain popularity was the Apple iPhone. The primary reason was that there was no need of stylus as it can be operated by fingers. The sale of Apple iPhones have crossed around 500 million globally.

Amazon Kindle (2007)

The reason Amazon Kindle – the e-reader became popular because it was launched at a very cheap price as compared to its main rival Sony. It also provided flawless integration with its online e-book store.

Google Android (2008)

Google Android was first created as an open source OS for cameras, but then Google bought it and launched it as a mobile OS in 2008. It now gives a huge competition to iPhone as it provides much more free apps and games as compared to iOS.

4G (2008)

In 2008, the International Telecommunications Union put forward the need to have requirements for fourth generation (4G) standards. 4G provided extensively faster mobile internet access than 3G, with a much higher data capacity, supporting IP telephony, video streaming and online TV, conferencing, and cloud computing.

Apple iPad (2010)

After iPod and iPhone Apple came up with iPad – the Tablet PC. It was not the first of its kind, but it gained huge popularity and started new trends of tablet.

Google driverless car (2014)

This is a much awaited invention. Though Google is yet to launch its driverless cars, but the testing had begun earlier this year in California. Google is planning to roll out the cars by 2017. The car has the maximum speed of 25mph and is designed to be continuously in motion, powered by Google’s detailed knowledge of traffic flow. If the idea works, than driverless car will hugely transform our lives.