The upcoming trends for men we may witness in 2015

Double-Breasted Blazers

Double-breasted jacket is now a part of every modern man's style vocabulary. To make it look classy it is important for it to be worn correct. The term “double-breasted” refers to a coat or jacket with two parallel columns of buttons and overlapping front flaps. These blazers are tailored in sleek look and cut shorter. The shoulders are made to look natural, soft and tailored rather than sharp and baggy. In all, it makes double-breasted suit retain its original sense of elegance while embracing modern minimalism.

Patterned Jackets

It is definitely not breaking news about prints, colours and patterns that are making their presence felt with current menswear collections. Patterned jackets can add extra oomph to any outfit. They are eye-catching trends. It makes you look bold, confident enough to carry the trend with pride. It is advisable to pair patterned jackets with plain solid coloured pants or shorts to give a cool casual look.

Printed Pants

Not only printed pants are very popular in women, but in men too. It is noticed that printed pants will be in vogue. Like printed jackets, printed pants can be combined with simple solid dark colored shirts and keep it simple.

High-Rise or Rolled Pants

High – Rise or Rolling is a more of informal style of cuffing, where the bottom is rolled up to whatever height the wearer desires. Rolled-up pant legs are a divisive style trend. Make sure that this style goes well with casual clothes like jeans or chinos rather than formal attire. You can club these types of pants with sneakers or boat shoes.

Color-Blocked Shirts

The color-blocking trend began about a year ago and it actually means a shirt made up of 'blocks' of solid color. They always give a cool and casual look; it doesn’t matter whether the colored blocks are vertically, horizontally or diagonally placed. Nothing is more attractive than a well-dressed man. Everybody appreciates a well dressed man who isn't afraid to step of out the box wearing an eye-catching, jaw-dropping combination of colors. It doesn’t mean you have ten different colors in one go unless you want to look like an art painting.

Bomber Jackets

 A classic bomber jacket is likely to become a timeless investment in future especially during winters,

These are the type of jackets that goes well with everything. While you decide to buy it, just make sure that the sleeves of the jacket do not fall from your upper wrist and it is a slim fit jacket otherwise it may give you a feel of a bulky man.

White Suits

The white suit being unseasonal and underused is next to impossible. It is a devilishly stylish bit of tailoring. The suit simply has to be well-fitted and there is no room for error here.  The all white and black suits have always been in fashion. The way to carry them is important. You can pair them up with good textures shirts or you can club it with linen shirts can give it a casual touch.