Makeup is definitely considered to be girl's best friend, but her wallet's is the worst enemy. If you feel that your beauty habits are breaking the bank for you then you need to check out these simple tricks in order to save your hard earned cash.


This is possibly the worst thing that can ever happen at an eleventh hour. You go to apply your favorite mascara, but when you open it you get to its clumpy and dried up. Before you run to the store to get another new tube you need to try this simple trick to fill a new life into the tube. Place the dried tube in a cup of hot water. The heat will make the dried mascara melt and will be as good as new.


Makeup products come in small little containers which are just too cute to throw away when you have used away the entire product. Did you have any idea that you can bring empty MAC and Lush containers back to the store to get free products! Yes, you read that correct! You’re one simple action is saving the environment and your wallet too!


It is so important to clean your makeup brushes weekly so as to get rid of all the germs and oils that builds up in the bristles of the brush when used and kept unwashed. But instead of spending some more cash on branded brush cleaners, you can make your own with only two simple and easily available ingredients. Mix gentle antibacterial soap, with organic coconut oil for a super cheap yet very effective brush cleaner.


It’s important to know the little marketing secret. Big and branded cosmetic stores put their most expensive products at an eye level since those will be the products that you will see first! How can they act so manipulative? So instead of grabbing that lip-gloss kept right in front of you, look on the lower shelves for other good quality alternatives and a bit less expensive.


Even though each mascara brand claims to be made of some other and special formula, but every mascara is pretty much made up of the same ingredients. The thing for what you are actually paying for is the specially designed brush. Even if you have used up your favorite mascara you can save the brush. Use the same brush with a different, or a cheaper mascara brand. It won’t be long until you notice that your lashes look exactly the same as with the brand that cost an arm and a leg.


Bloggers usually includes promotional codes and sale notices on their websites. Sign up to receive a weekly email from your favorite beauty blogs. These email newsletters usually contain information or a heads up about the beauty sales. It’s the perfect way to gain access to sales you otherwise wouldn’t have even known about.


Perfumes can definitely be a bank breaker. Before you spend your entire wallet on a big bottle, you can ask for a sample or travel size bottle for trial before you buy. Test out the fragrance for a week at least so that you are sure about how it smells like and how long lasting it is. Sometimes you think you have fallen in love with the fragrance you saw in the store, but a week later you realize it’s really not for you.


If you’re in love with false lashes and can’t survive a day without them, you might not realize the amount you spending on it unintentionally.  Before you buy a week’s supply of falsies, try this trick to fake the false lashes look. Use a Q-tip to coat your lashes with baby powder. Then apply the mascara and repeat it. The baby powder applied clings to the lashes making them appear longer and thicker.


If you’re dying to get Angelina Jolie’s plump pout, then you’re not alone wishing for it. But, it’s not good to spend all of your life savings on expensive products and risky procedures. Instead you can make your own lip plumper with just two easily available ingredients. Just add a few drops of natural peppermint oil to your favorite lip gloss and apply. You will notice the difference.


Do you always run to the store to get more makeup sponges or cotton rounds? To make them last longer you can cut them into half, which will reduce the trips to the store and your wallet will be happy too. Using this trick you will magically have twice as many for the same price. And half of the sponge or cotton round just lasts as long as the whole one.


When you’re wearing mascara, do not pump the wand in the tube to make sure it is covered with mascara. Just don’t do this! That leaves a lot of air in the tube, which makes the liquid dry out even faster. Instead, you can twirl the wand inside the tube. Your mascara will last twice as long now.


Check out stores where there are high quality products at a much nicer price. Sometime the shades you need might be out of season, but yes you can always save that for later. Discounted stores are also a great place to get fragrances at affordable price but yet they smell great.