Eating healthy is difficult with all the temptations for junk food. It's even harder when you realize that a lot of foods that you thought are good for your health are actually not healthy. Hence you need to avoid these faux health foods.


Wheat bread, and whole grain breads contain as much as 70% refined flour, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, partially hydrogenated oils, and preservatives. They partially contain some whole grains but they are often advertised as the real deal. Although, it is healthier than other breads such as Italian and white; these breads are not necessarily healthy.


Cereals that claim to be healthy are usually highly processed and one of the worst and unnatural foods you could have for breakfast. They are loaded with sugar and carbs. To make it worse, the manufacturers in order to market their product as "healthy synthetically add vitamins. Starting the day with consumption of a high-sugar cereal will just lead to sugar crash later in the day. 


Think again while you're thinking of being healthy by ordering a salad at a restaurant. Apart from the insanely large portion side, there is nothing healthy in it as most of the salads prepared have hidden sugar and calories with all the dressing used are fats, cheese, and extra carbs. 


You might be surprised to see that Peanut Butter has quite a lot of fat.  Some people forget that nuts contain healthy fats and go for the reduced-fat kind instead.  Some manufacturers remove the fats from peanut butter which are actually not harmful and replace it with a lot of sugar and artificial things.


Many smoothies brought from stores or pre-made smoothies have always been successful to trick you to believe that they are healthy. Pre-made smoothies contain high content of sugar and syrups, and an extreme portion of fruits and vegetables.


Do you want fiber and protein? Then grab an apple or string cheese. These are a much healthier choice than energy, fiber, and protein bars, which claim to be healthy but are just two steps away from being candy bars. In any energy, protein, or fiber bar there is nothing else in it other than those added-in nutrients in.


Most vitamin waters manufactured today are not much healthy now as compared to soda, sweet tea, fruit drinks, and other sugary beverages. They're loaded with added sugars and empty calories. It’s better to have a multi-vitamin if you're worried that you're not getting enough vitamins.


You need to swap dried fruit with fresh fruit. Drying the fruit reduces the water volume present in it and the amount of sugar per serving increases. The bad news is that the dried fruit can send your blood sugar spiking and then crashing


Even though in your mind it must be healthier than ice creams, which might not be true. In the world of saturated fats, it is as equal to ice cream when it comes to the count of calories and simple sugars.


Healthy trail mix is good but we tend to buy the one which are loaded with candy coated pieces, deep-fried banana chips, sesame sticks and yogurt-covered raisins. Most trail mix is packed with simple sugars, refined carbohydrates and trans fat


Fruit juices definitely contain some vitamins if made healthy.  But the way it is prepared it contains a high amount of calories and sugars. Instead of having fruit juices one should eat fresh fruits.


Fat-free cakes and cookies are very deceiving. "fat-free" does not mean "calorie-free."  Don’t be fooled by the manufacturers. Sugar typically replaces the fat in these products so you are still consuming a high number of calories which are just full of flour, sugars, and carbohydrates.


Usually these diet meals are loaded full of sodium. Yes it is low in calories, but low in nutrients too. For instance, many of these meals will use refined grains in place of healthier whole grains.


Choosing a bran muffin over a doughnut in order to be healthy? It is not your best decision since most of the bran muffins sold contains roughly around 800 calories, packed with pure sugar and fat. Do you still want muffins over the doughnut?