If you look for most of the answers to life in your fridge, then you probably have more love for food then regular. If you love something so much, it would be so amazing to make money by doing something involved with it.

It might be kind of hard, but there are varied kinds of jobs related to eating, cooking and maintaining food that can keep you healthy, wealthy and gloriously fed.

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Well, obviously. It’s not easy, but there's no wrong time to get on your way to become a chef. You can get a great pay and you will at right in the thick of it all. You'll have to put your nose to the grindstone and work crazy hours, but if you really love food, you will love this profession and you won't mind.

Food Critic

If you've got the ability for writing and can get people to imagine with descriptions of oral experiences, then you can go for a job as a food journalist. You may become a critic by the time you're old and experienced, but until then you can just write about the different food stuff at different places and maybe get a free meal or two!


If you do the right kind of training or you have a proper knowledge about the healthy food, then you can choose nutritionist as a career. This way, you can not only help others by advising and guiding them about what and what not to eat, you'll also know what's perfect for yourself, food-wise. Basically, you will know how often and how much you can hog out.

Food Stylist

Working as a food stylist might sound like something only Paris Hilton would do, but there is actually demand for these people. Presentation is most important in terms of food, and restaurants are aware of this, which is why they hire food stylists firstly.

Organic Farming

Pursuing organic farming is a great idea, not just if you're into working outdoors and getting your hands dirty, but also if you like to travel. It's one of the best ways of living healthy, learning something useful and getting to travel while you are at it.

Restaurant Owner

It might be one of the risky options, but running a restaurant successfully is like a dream coming true for many. You design the menu, interior and everything, which is what most food junkies daydream about.

Run a Catering Business

Well there is a quite a bit of money in this. While running this business you need to arrange varieties of food for weddings and parties get massive orders ready on time and also suggest your own unique touch. It's pretty rewarding, plus there are insane amounts of food.


This is one of the nicest jobs around; mostly because of the charming aroma that baking produces. Cakes, cookies, cup cakes etc.

Food Show Presenter

If you are good in front of a camera and also a good presenter, you can choose food show presenter as your profession. It always looks like a blast.

Food Photographer

Does your food up on Instagram before it goes down your stomach? Imagine you being paid for that! How great it would be when your hobby turns you’re your profession.