Women’s are considered to be the creator, a messenger of God, a shear example of tolerance, integrity and benevolence in India. She was, and will always be an epitome of love and compassion.

India maybe was or currently is a golden bird but only in the books, inked mostly by fabled words. Let’s open the doors of reality and face them.

India in dark ages, were much better than this so called 21st century. At least, they were not shameless and greedy unlike today. 

Since ancient times the women race has always been dominated by the society especially the male members. Her existence in the society itself was always questionable. The question arises is does she really deserve all this treatment the society has given her? The Indian society was always and still is full of male chauvinists who disgrace women and are not ready to accept women’s independent existence. It may sound very clichéd, but yes women have always fallen prey to all sorts of exploitation even today. Certainly there are no improvements to the state of women even in the 21st century. And of course here women means the entire women race either from rural or urban married or not, rich or poor, earning or not. Yes, today we do see women in metros and big cities working and doing great things but why do others peeps in their personal lives? All women are content do we really know that? Are they really happy about their condition? And here, we just keep talking about their development and rights. If we focus on rural India leaving the women of metros aside, then we cannot even imagine their conditions. The modern world today is proud of treating women as equals by giving them constitutionally equal rights. But the execution part is something that we as Indian citizens should be ashamed of talking about.

Let us put it in a simple way. The time from a girl is in her mother’s womb; she is unwanted to the families which are male dominated and only wants a son who could take their name ahead

The reality is totally different and today what we see is only what media brings to our notice. It is actually very difficult to even measure the horror that they face behind their walls. The women who are reading this will understand exactly how it feels to go through such things and surely many women won’t even dare to speak about them as they will silently gulp everything down due to lack of understanding that men have besides their family, friends and the so-called ‘great’ society, which just stands on baseless structure.

Here are some important phases that often are overlooked or disregarded:

Major Flaws of Tradition and Culture:

We definitely do take pride in our tradition and culture without realizing that the Indian society is completely based on flaws and men-
oriented. Literature and art sound are inappropriate because at times they take women on peak by praising them a lot , but if a reality-check is done,  it is absolutely worthless and baseless.

Religious Darkness: Religion teaches us to spread harmony and peace but here, they fight in the name of religion and spread hatred. Now, the moment communal riots are the new things they come up with, women are targeted there too. We abuse only mothers and sisters or wives and never anything else.

Hinduism is filled with goddesses but then we have Manusmriti and other flaws which are followed by majority. Islam believes in equality but then also speaks about stoning women in public view or killing them so that other women should not do the same. And they speak a lot about rights equality, etc. the Christianity religion has Nuns but fathers of churches exploit nuns and this is the open-secret that many people are aware of. The society is full of flaws and they have depicted sex as sin and men were depicted as powerful over women.

Now, the ground reality is that the situation of Indian women is not better at all as it should be. Maybe we many women’s as businesswomen, political leaders, etc but we are just focusing on a limited area. We have to
focus on the wider screen and enhance our thoughts then only we can chalk the precised diameters. Indians have the habituated to exaggerate everything, or underestimate too much. For true we live under shadows and that is a fact.