We all know that parents are a child’s first teacher, but there are a lot of things that parents too can learn from their children. Thanks to easy access to information or the Internet, children today know a lot of things from an early age. In fact, every parent can learn something new from their children and realise that wisdom need not necessarily come with age that is childrens can also make you learn a thing or two. We asked few parents about the things that their children have helped them to learn, and they shared some interesting insights.


1. To treat everyone with respect
“Once I asked my son to do something and almost shouted at him. But instead of throwing a tantrum or revolting like any other 6-year-old kid, he calmly replied that I could have told him the same in a polite manner and he would have happily done it. In fact, he almost gave me a lecture on the importance of treating everyone with respect. That day, he taught me the lesson that no matter how my mood is, I should always maintain my calm and treat others with respect. That is the only way they are going to respect me back.” 


2. Live in the present moment
One of the most harmful attachments we make in life is our attachment to the past and future. We look back on the past with regret and look to the future with plans and calculations, but rarely do we stop doing both of those things and simply rest in the present moment, free from all the pushing and pulling always occurring in our minds. 
“My daughter has taught me to enjoy the present. Earlier, I used to get anxious for anything and everything at the drop of a hat. When she was in her school, I used to constantly worry about her health and career. One day, she sat down with me and lectured me on how I am ruining my present by worrying about the unpredicted things. Her belief about not to weep over the past and not worrying about the future, changed the way I looked at life. Every moment is an opportunity for fun. Living in the present moment is one of the most  amazing sources of happiness for me, and I can see that same idea in action within my children as well. Thanks to her, now I am an optimistic person and I have learnt to enjoy the present without worrying much about the future.” 


3. How to be a balanced person
“My daughter has taught me the valuable lesson of how to be a balanced person in life, no matter what challenges life throws at you. Last year, she had some issues in her professional life and we were struggling with financial crisis at home as well. She was going through a rough phase but she always maintained a positive attitude and kept reminding me of the good things we had in life. Her balanced approached during her extremely tumultuous time was an enlightening lesson for me at the age of 50.”


4. Your happiness lies in your own hand
A smile is a powerful tool. Sometimes called "mouth Yoga", smiling to improve your mood is something simple, easy, and available to everyone in every moment. When used, it's a powerful tool for better well-being.
“My son is just eight months old and he smiles constantly throughout the day. He is always smiling and does not have a single dull moment. I've tried to follow their example as best I can and smile often and I do feel that it makes a measurable difference. He has taught me that happiness is a choice and only you can make yourself happy, nobody else can.

5. How to practice self control 
“My daughter is just 6 years old and she has taught me the lesson of self-control. Recently, she had a sore throat for weeks, and no kid can stay without having an ice-cream for such a long period. But she made sure to stop herself (that too happily!) from having it all this time even when all her friends used to have ice-creams every evening. When I see her practising self-control at this age, she motivates me to do it as well.”


6. To be patient and not to give up
If there is one universal fact about childrens is that, they will try your patience to achieve their milestones. You set rules for them and they break them;  you deny them to do something yet they do it anyway. As frustrated as you may be, your teens are teaching you a valuable  lesson in having patience. In time, your teens will grow into an adults that appreciate all of your hard work so until then, you can expect a lot of tests along your way.
Giving up easily is not a preferred choice. Some might feel anxious or may need a slight push, but the majority of them are self-motivated. They rarely shy away from failing. To reach their goals childrens use trial and error, observation, imitation as their tools and even ask questions but they don’t stop. 
Amusingly adulthood takes away all these qualities. We are scared to accept failure. Patience and self-motivation are just out the window, giving the credit to competition or a larger-than-life ego. A child’s life lessons shows us that patience might be bitter but its fruit are sweet and do no give up easily. 


Your children can make you a better person if you let them. Just as your teen is learning from you, you can learn from your teen too, all it takes is a genuine interest in your child and a willingness to admit that you may not know all of it.

Cover image source: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/mother-with-daughter_1414381.htm