The selfie trend is spreading like a contagious disease from celebrities stars round the world to every common girl, boy, man or women of any age; everyone is in selfie mode nowadays.  With the advancement of smartphones with good quality cameras, taking selfies has become way easier now. “selfies” are the way to go for or the  new trend of clicking! You can get a perfect star like selfie in every single selfie that you click only if you are doing it right.

Let us see few things required to keep in mind to have a star like selfie:  

  • Pick up a good camera:  This is the foremost important thing required, to get a good selfie. Unless and until the quality of the equipment is not good, you wll never be able to good quality pictures. Iphone shows the best selfie clicks, but for those who cannot afford it; there are smartphones in lesser prices available with high pixel front and back cameras.  Some phones have only VGA option in front camera which gives you low quality pictures. You should skip such cameras. The camera should be at least 5 megapixels or higher.
  • Do not hold the camera too close:  No body wants to look big and wider in your selfies.  Hold the phone at a distance that shows your face in a flattering way. The camera brought too close will add extra pounds to your features and make them appear big and wide.
  • Do Not Stand in front of Bright Light:  Pictures would obviously turn out to be completely dark if you are standing in front of the light source. Click your selfie in a properly illuminated area where the light is equally distributed.
  • Wear matte makeup:  The oily sheen will be seen prominently in selfie pictures if your face is oily and shiny.  Wear matte makeup and if oil oozes out from your pores, do remember to blot with a dry tissue paper and powder it out before you press the click button.
  • Light it up properly:  Proper lighting is very important. There should be adequate lighting before you click a selfie. You can experiment with different light effects natural light or an artificial light. You can choose the best option for you.
  • Hide that outstretched hand:  I have seen some selfies where the outstretched hand becomes the center of attention instead of the face. The outstretched hand should not look odd in the picture hence you need to adjust the settings and angle before you click.
  • Hands should be kept steady:  If your hands are not constant and steady, you would end up with shaky and blurry pictures, obviously.
  • Fish lips are outdated:  Please stop clicking yourself with fish lips, they are so outdated. Cute and girly pouts are in!
  •  Background check: Do get a background check before you go into the selfie mode. Donot make your selfie insightful be always sure that there are no undies and undergarments lying on the bed and garbage cans visible in your selfie pic.
  • Pig nose selfies are not funny:  Don’t hold the camera too close in such a way that shows your nostrils too close.  It’s not funny at all!
  • Play it up with mascara: mascara will never ditch you for those curly and beautiful lashes in selfies.
  •  Flattering angles:  Click multiple pictures at once and find out which angle makes you look the best. Try to go for that angle always for your future selfies.