Your home is the happiest place to live in. But is your living room attractive.

There are several small details we neglect which can be a hurdle in making your living room visually appealing.

Here are few ways, if kept in mind while designing your home, will make your living room very attractive.

Play with Colors

We all generally play safe by choosing a monochrome palette as it makes the room appear larger. But doing so will make the living room look boring.

Instead make use of bright cushion covers, place lamps or put on a vibrant paintings on the wall. But make sure that you don’t overdo it. Remember the 80-20 rule, wherein keep 80percent neutral and 20 percent full lively with colors.


Take time to select the furniture of the living room. It plays an important role in designing the living room.

Choose such furniture that blends in your living room and represents your style. Don’t fill up your living room with lots of furniture.

Don’t place all your furniture against the wall. Place them in such a way, that it adds warm feeling in the entire living room.


If the living room is properly lit up, it adds on to the beauty of it.

Create a perfect balance between the ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps. Ensure that there is proper lighting in your living room, if you wish you can even highlight a certain area in your living room by playing with lights.

End tables

Another necessity in the living rooms is the end tables. If you have guests visiting your place, there should be an end table where they can rest their drinks.

They offer a great convenience in the living room. Generally the height of the end table is the same as the height of the arm chair.

Hang an art

Give your living room a touch of art. Hang arts in your living room.

The point to be remembered is, place your art high, say about 150 centimeters from the floor level but don’t place it too high.

Place a Rug

Without the rug, your living room will look incomplete. Select the proportionate size of rug for your living room.

Place it in the focus area of the room or as it traditionally goes, that the rug is place in the center of the sofa area.


Try and implement these small yet smart tips to make your living room look more beautiful.