Do you feel that you are looking older? Now there is no need to worry much as below are few tips which will help you look younger than your age.

These tips will not only improve your appearance but will also make you feel better.

Frame Your Face

Keep your eyebrows in shape and well-groomed as is draws attention to your eyes.

Consume Grapes

Grapes consumption is very beneficial as it contains Sorbitol, which gives grapes its sweetness, is humectants. It is a substance that pulls water when applied to the skin, helping it soak it up and retain moisture.

Style your Hair

In case your hair becoming thinner, use volumizing styling products. A lighter shade hair colour will make your hair look less thin. Use better conditioning treatments to fight dryness.

Smile Wide!

A beautiful smile always makes you feel young. Laugh out loudly, smile and be happy as happy faces make you feel young.

Use Cleanser and Moisturizer

Making the use of cleansing milk and moisturizer will help you to protect your skin and keep it health. Use a good day and night moisturizer.

Dress Smartly

If you have a pot-belly and want to hide it, wear darker shades of shirts. In case of If you have a crinkly neck or jaw, put on a rounded-neck and collared shirts or top to avoid the squeezing of the skin.

Use Body Lotion

Use a good body lotion including sunscreen to protect your skin from heat and pollution. Take extra care of your hands as they are often exposed. Scrub your hands with sea salt mixed with lemon juice using a tooth brush.

Eat lots of Green Vegetables

Consumption of green vegetables provides you with Vitamin K. It helps your blood thicken, reducing the impact of bruising. Eat a lot of tomatoes as well, as Lycopene a pigment in them helps to protect you against UV rays.

Eat Oily Fish

Oily fishes are a rich source of DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) which is a compound that enhances muscle tone. It is widely used in ‘mature’ skin creams. Eating oily fish twice a week will produce similar results.

Exercise at least 4 Times a Week

Exercise to be fit and in shape. Combine various exercises like cardiovascular for heart and lungs, stretching to be flexible, few resistance exercise for muscles are just a few examples.