Had a crazy nightout partying and enjoying drinks but suffering the next day morning with a severe headache?

Here is a list of remedies which will help you to get rid of headache and soothe you.

Indulge in Greasy Food

Go to a nearest food joint or order from a restaurant and have some greasy food.


Drinks are a source of dehydration. Hence to recover from that, drink ample of water.

Soft Drinks and Sports Drinks

After a partying out whole night, look out for sugary soft drinks or sports drinks to energize you.


Berooca tablets are of great help to deal with hangover. Just add a tablet in a glass of water and it makes it all orange and fizzy.


Just dive in the swimming pool. It will help you to resuce your headache and calm down.


Paracetamol, known as the cure for everything is a pain relief medicine that can sometimes help to eliminate hangover blues.

Eye drops

Feeling dehydrated or dried-out, visit your nearest chemist and ask for eye-drops. Pour them in your eyes and relax for some time.


As caffeine is known as a refresher, prepare a coffee and have it. It will help you feel much better.


If you have enough strength and go to the gym or go jogging and sweat out the bad stuff.

Lime Juice

The most common of all the above, have a lime juice as lemon are the best refreshers.