Eating good and nutritious food is one of the best ways to stay healthy, but in addition, some foods have additional and more specific health benefits.


Apart from its capability of acting as a pain reliever, this popular spice is also known to help to get relief from indigestion. Furthermore, nutmeg is also beneficial for brain and oral health.


There is absolutely nothing about peppermint that can't help you to get relieved. Some very well known benefits of peppermint are its ability to relieve stomach gas and also to treat tooth pain.


There are many nutrients, minerals and even several vitamins that are found in thyme, which is an herb packed with multi health benefits that include thymol oil in order to fight fungus.


This spice has come a long way from its traditional culture of China and India. The powerful herb can make your bones stronger and prevent from certain types of cancer and flu.


This particular herb comes from the area of South America and is known to aid everything from allergy issues to nausea. It is also known to get relief from cold.


Parsley a Mediterranean herb is full of nutrients and has several health related benefits that includes help for those dealing with diabetes. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory for toothaches


Cinnamon a sweet spice which is the oldest among all the other spices, helps to fight off blood related clots, control blood sugar levels, and is even beneficial in areas involving stomach and brain health.


Turmeric is also known as culinary spice in the Southeast region of Asia. It has multipurpose uses. Some of the benefits of turmeric are the symptoms involving asthma, arthritis, and Alzheimer's disease.


It is definitely not a coincidence that you feel so much more relaxed after a cup of chamomile tea. Chamomile helps the skin and muscles to relax.


Basil has several benefits when it comes to the issue of being healthy. Basil benefits to relief stress, skin treating, and reducing fevers.


It is commonly used as a medicine in the Eastern Indies. This spice has several traditional health benefits that consist of dietary fiber properties,cancer-fighting abilities,  and a great source of iron.