Blood is a primary necessity for each one of us. Essential for the living and maintaining body mechanisms, blood provides nutrition to body tissues and the organs. There are countless reasons as to why one needs blood. The need for blood may develop out of medical conditions, injury, road traffic occurrence, and childbirth-related complications.


‘On time’ approach to blood transfusion is a life-saving measure or one that can treat a thoughtful illness in patients. The reason why people interested in the noble act of blood donation is indeed social belongingness and duty towards society.


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Importance of Blood Donation

Blood is also known as 'the fluid of life' because it handles the basic functions that sustain life. Its primary functions include oxygen in the body's tissues from the lungs, carbon dioxide from body tissue to the lungs and hormones from glands in the whole body. With the failure of any of these works, millions of people can succumb to blood loss if it is not given in time to nourish and clean their body.

Health Benefits of Blood Donation - Askiguru


Donating blood becomes more essential because not everybody has the same blood group. In all, there are four blood types (blood groups) classified on the basis of Rh factors. Blood pull out through a transfusion must match the blood group of the patient. To acquire a perfect match, patients make autologous blood donations before heading for the surgery.


Health Benefits of Blood Donation - Askiguru

All About Blood


1. In simple words, blood can be described as the fluid present inside our body that carries oxygen from the lungs to other body parts.

2. Blood also takes along the waste that is required to be disposed of the body


3. Blood render body tissues with nutrients such as glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids


4. Blood also looks after immunological part (circulation of white blood cells and detection of noxious radicals by antibodies), body's self-repair mechanism, regulation of body’s pH, regulation of core body temperature and hydraulic role.


5. An adult’s body has about 4-6 liters of blood.


6. Your blood can become a gift of life to someone, who cannot make blood within a limited duration. It is our moral duty to aid those in need. You may need blood at any point in time due to some unfortunate or medical condition. 


7. Here is your possibility to make a unique contribution to the health and survival of others. Not everyone gets such a chance to participate in a noble cause. If you have a chance, save a life!



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