In order to carry out import-export business, you need ample of documents. One such document is to obtain an import permit. Generally all the countries require import permit, but The United States is listed amongst the rare companies that do not require the import license. They can import goods freely as long as the products fall into special categories like human body parts, firearms, pornographic materials or so on.

The other countries require import permits and have constraints on certain items. If you wish to import a particular item from a country and that you need an import permit, here are the ways by which you can acquire one.

Check with your supplier if there is a need of an import license and its cost

If you have a very good relationship with your suppliers, then at the beginning of the negotiations you should clarify whether you will need an import permit from that country and how they can help you.

If in any case you don’t acquire the import permit, you will not be able to bring the items and your supplier as well will not be paid creating a loss for both of you.

You can also ask for a written statement from the supplier that he/she is solely responsible for the products to be imported and are in compliance with the country’s laws and regulations. You should go through the entire document and thoroughly understand it and should also know its validity period.

It is wise if you work with an experienced international lawyer who has expert knowledge regarding the laws of the import country and has the ability to negotiate your supplier and helps to protect your business from any harm.

Contact UPS or FedEx for any assistance

In case if you don’t have good relations with your supplier or you are importing goods for the first time, it is advisable contact big global transportation companies like UPS or FedEx. They will help you with the necessary documents required to ship your products and will assist you the necessary documentation.

These companies can also act as your custom broker by guiding you and explaining you the laws and regulations applying to your business which includes licenses, taxes, permits and duties.

Consult the local government’s International Trade Administration Office

Another way to determine whether you need an import license or not, it to consult the local government’s International Trade Administration.

You can also do a quick research using internet and search for the name of the country and import license.