We all are surrounded by energy. With the help of Feng Shui, we can balance the energy in a way that it helps us eliminate the negative energy around us, capturing only the positive energy to make our lives better.

They say, “Home is where the story begins”, and to make it a peaceful place to dwell in, below are some of the Feng Shui tips:

The Entrance:
When someone or you enter your residence, the first thing to be noticed should be beautiful and refreshing. Hence it becomes necessary that you may place a nice painting or something visually pleasing at the entrance.

A  Baby's Signal:
while buying a new house or a residence and you are confused whether to buy or not and you cannot even consult a Vaastu or a Feng Shui Consultant, a new born baby can help you. If the baby cries at the new residential venue without any external influence then that particular place carries a negative energy whereas on the other hand, if the baby is calm, that particular place carries positive energy.

The Tibetan Bell:
If you want to empower positive energy in and around your house, ring the Tibetan Bell every few days. By doing so, it will improve the overall energy level.

The Three Legged Toad:
The Three Legged Toad is an ancient and mystical Feng Shui symbol. Place it in such a way that it faces your main door which signifies wealth and prosperity and help you improve your savings and earnings and financial status.

 The Unwanted Guests:
Make sure that you do not sit with your back facing the main door. This will help you to get rid of the unwanted guests. You can make them sit on the seats where their back faces the entrance to see them leave your house soon.

 Clean the Clutter:
Get rid of the trash, as it is quite well-known that too much clutter in the house generates negative energy. Do not keep broken or damaged instruments and items at your home, like watches, telephones, mixer, electronic items, ball pens, cassettes etc., for they carry negative energy.

 The Flooring:
Check if any of your home’s flooring is broken. If you find so than replace or repair it as soon as possible as it spreads negative energy and affects the relations with family members.

The Name Plate:
According to Feng Shui, it is very important if keep a name plate outside the home with clearly written name and address as it directs opportunities towards your home.

The Fish and Water:
To reduce negative energy and improve the positivity, Feng Shui considers flowing water and floating fish as very important and auspicious symbol. If you keep a fish tank or home aquarium, ensure that the water is clean and clear at all times.

The Placement:
Place your bed in such a way that you do not see your reflection in the mirror while you sleep. In your kitchen, do not place the stove directly across a sink. The doors and gates in your home should ideally open inwards, and be of the double leaf kind to welcome the auspicious Qi energy. Use a full-height gate in the West to obstruct negative Yang energy. Do not hang a wind-chime over your bed as it may have attracted and absorbed negative energy during the day. Try ensuring that there is no tree facing the main door or window of your home, as it could result into poor health of your family members. Alternatively, you may place a convex mirror on the outer wall facing that tree.