Women should understand which fashion is good for them and which is bad. Here is a list of common fashion mistake that women do.

Too Many Accessories 

It is good to compliment your dress with accessories, but over doing accessories will you’re your look. Select the best accessories and keep it simple with minimum use of accessories and give yourself an elegant and classy look.

For Example, do not use too may hair accessories or combine bangles with watch in one hand.

Loud Make-up 

It is understood that make-up enhances the look of a women, but applying too much make-up or very loud make-up will spoil your look. Applying make-up is a skill and according to the occasions decide which make-up to apply.

For example, for a business meeting, a mascara and lipgloss would so rather than applying loud brush strokes and lipstick.

Lip Liner 

It is noticed that women like to apply lip liner. Lipstick and lip liner are different. Use different shade for lip liner but keep in mind that it is in sync with the lipstick colour or else it will feel your look ugly.

Lip Liner is mostly one shade darker than the shade of the lipstick.

Heavy Jewellery 

Wearing heavy jewellery without any occasion will be one major fashion disaster. Avoid doing so as it is one major mistake observed in women.

For example, you can wear studs for formal or casual wear, no need to pair them with heavr earrings.

Too Many Colours 

It is good to wear colourful look, but wearing too many colours at one single time may make you feel like a clown. Understand the contrast and the colour combination schemes and avoid being a serious fashion victim.